Centralise HR information

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and always be up to date.

Image showing one of the screens that enables a business to keep their staff information in Staff Squared

Keep your staff information and documents up to date with ease

Are you drowning in spreadsheets full of outdated staff information? Next of kin records non-existent? Staff documents all over the place and not backed up?

Staff Squared solves this problem. What’s more, we allow your staff to get actively involved in keeping their records up to date. Simply invite them to your account and we’ll prompt them to keep their own records up to date for you.

Image showing a audit screen with the changes that have been made to staff records

Automatic updates when staff records change

When did a staff member change address? Did they change their bank account details recently? All of that and more on staff profiles is automatically tracked and a full audit trail available for you to review.
Image showing a screen that allows admins to control who receives emails about important dates

Never forget an important date or deadline again

We know you’re busy and important deadlines can slip by. Staff Squared ensures that you’ll never miss another important date by allowing you to set up email reminders for a range of important dates including appraisals due, benefits expiring, probation periods ending and more.
  • Image showing a screen that allows admins to control daily

    Who’s out of the office today?

    Staff Squared’s daily update e-mail will tell you who’s out of the office. Set it and forget it, and every morning you’ll get an email telling you who’s out that day.
  • Image showing a screen that allows admins to keep notes staff members following events like appraisals and disciplinary procedures

    Keep important notes

    Protect your business with the notes feature. Keep minutes of staff appraisal meetings, notes about a staff disciplinary and other important information.
  • Image showing a dialog that allows admins to track benefits and bonuses

    Track benefits and bonuses

    Track bonuses and benefits such as childcare or gym membership. It’s completely customisable so you can add benefits that match those on offer in your company.
  • Image showing a dialog that allows admins to change salaries for particular members of staff

    Keep track of salary changes

    Manage any changes to your staff’s salary by storing the details within their profile.
  • Image showing a dialog that allows admins to store company details that are visible to all staff

    Store your company contact information

    With the company profile feature you can make it easy for your staff to access company details like multiple office addresses and contact information.
  • Image showing the staff structure diagram

    See how your staff are structured

    Visualise how your company is organised at a glance. New employees can see who everyone is while managers and business owners can gain valuable insights to help more effectively resource the business.

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