A HR software solution that does your work for you

Why use Staff Squared?

The only HR system to offer complimentary onboarding

We’ll do all of your account setup and data import for you. No additional charges, no pain, no hassle. We want your onboarding experience to be as simple and easy as possible.

Even once you’re on board with Staff Squared our support will always be available to you to provide help and assistance.

Built by a SME for SMEs

We know what it’s like to be a small or medium business because that’s what we are! We built Staff Squared to solve internal HR issues first before letting other’s take advantage of it.

Our focus has and always will be small and medium businesses. This shapes how we take Staff Squared forward and ensures our benefits are always aligned with this size of business in mind.

Safe and secure

We take the safety of your information very seriously. Just some of the steps we’ve taken to ensure the protection of your data include purchasing the most secure and reliable hosting we could find, registering with the data protection office, taking regular off-site backups and encrypting sensitive data.

Read more our about security.

In house development and support

We carry out all of the development for Staff Squared here in the UK who work directly with us.

This ensures that we can respond quickly to customer feedback to enhance and add to Staff Squared. It also aids our support team who work closely with our techies to ensure that our customers are always well looked after.

Simple pricing, no restrictions

We don’t lock any features within the app. Some of our competitors will make customers pay more for new functionality, or request shout outs on Twitter to unlock modules.

Our small monthly subscription includes unlimited superb customer service and unrestricted access to all of the functionality in Staff Squared.

Powerful integrations

Our free to use API and various integrations ensure that the data you love in Staff Squared can be accessed elsewhere to streamline your processes even further.

If you have an application in mind that you would like to see Staff Squared integrate with just tell us, we’ll take care of the rest.

We listen!

Since we launched Staff Squared in 2012 we’ve been on a journey with our customers. We’ve taken great care to listen to customers, understand their pain and enhance Staff Squared to help them.

When you join Staff Squared you become a member of that army who drives us forward here at Staff Squared. We’ll listen to you, provide you excellent service and support and we’re incredibly confident you’ll wonder how you ever lived without us!

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