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Managing employee absence is easy with Staff Squared

Effortlessly track holiday balances, accrual and carry over whilst keeping track of sick leave too.

  • Staff Squared integrates with your favourite calendars (including Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook) so you always have staff time off information at your fingertips
  • Set rules to warn you and other managers when holiday or sick leave limits are exceeded
  • Automatically calculate how much holiday starters and leavers are due to receive
  • Create custom holiday approval processes
  • Set maximum absent staff off by department
  • Get daily summary emails to remind you who will be off tomorrow
  • Integrate with Slack and have Staff Squared post a daily summary to your Slack channel
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"Staff Squared is great, we love how they listen to our feedback, and instantly set out a plan as to how to implement. It is an extremely user friendly system that helps make the management of staff, much more social!"

Greg Guilford

Approve absences via email

Managers are notified when a new time off request is submitted and can approve or reject holiday requests straight from their e-mail inbox.

Approve absence via email

Monitor sick leave patterns

Each employee has a sick leave heat map which will highlight which days of the week they take off most often.

Sick leave heat map

Get notified when requests come in

When an employee requests time off a notification will show on your dashboard until you have either approved or rejected the request.

Request notification

See all absences in your calendar

Your calendar will show you both approved and pending absences. This makes it easy to look at holiday requests in relation to other events and absences going on at that time.

Calendar holiday

Always know who's in the office

The who's out list on your dashboard allows you to see at a glance who won't be coming into the office today. It will also tell you when they're expected to return.

Who's out list

Keep track of staff lateness

When an employee is late for work you can use Staff Squared to log how late they were and what reason they gave for being late.

Who's out list

Define your own absence limits

Staff Squared lets you set absence limits in multiple ways. You can set how many staff per department or group that you allow off at any one time. You can create custom staff limit groups to group together specific staff where only one of them is allowed off at a time.

You can also set two limits for each specific type of absence, one for how many instances of the absence type you allow per employee per holiday year and one for how many consecutive days you allow to be taken for that absence type.

Custom absence limits

Using an online HR software removes a lot of the stress of not knowing where staff are, what their record of attendance is, and how your small business is impacted. Absence management translates into better performance, better customer service, and better profitability. Book a demo today. It's time invested in your company.

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