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Top 20 HR Blogs of 2015

Staff Squared date icon27th April 2015

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Top HR Blogs 2015


There’s a world of HR knowledge out there but with all of that information how do you know what sources to trust?

Wonder no more! We’ve done all of the hard work for you and we’ve recently published our top 20 HR bloggers of 2015.

So how are they ranked I hear you ask?

We attempted to be as impartial as possible in our ranking, using a combination of tools including Moz’s and These tools take a number of factors in to account and ultimately provide a score for the authority of a particular person based on their social media activity. We then averaged the scores from these two tools for each blogger in order to create a leaderboard.

Why should I care about these bloggers?

Well that’s a good question. We think that the leading bloggers in the HR industry generate a huge amount of value for their audience. In particular they:

  1. Keep ahead of emerging trends and separate the signal from the noise so that you don’t have to
  2. Engage with their audience so they get the most up to date information and feedback on the issues that impact HR professionals
  3. Share their personal experiences not least of which includes sharing information about mistakes they make. This information helps their audience to avoid repeating them!

We feel these bloggers are champions of HR and management excellence. They encourage good management and building trust between companies and employees, and that can only be a great thing for everybody.

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