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Are you Creating Disgruntled Employees?

Staff Squared date icon18th September 2012

Tag iconManaging staff

One of our favourite business sites the Harvard Business Review, has a great article about how businesses could be guilty of creating disgruntled employees and what to do about it.

The key takeaway is this…treat your employees the way you would treat your customers.  Specifically:

  • Listen to them
  • Always attempt to understand them, regardless of whether you agree with them or not
  • Trust them to do the right thing
  • Keep them in the loop at all times
  • Be consistent, be fair

Frequent staff engagement is key to all of the above, as a higher frequency of contact between managers and staff creates a feedback loop that ultimately generates trust. We developed Staff Squared so that our staff would feel better connected to our management team, as Staff Squared allows much more frequent connections to occur between people – bringing the team closer together.

While it’s true that you can’t please all the people all the time, it is a proven fact that simply engaging with people will always bring out the best in them.

Try Staff Squared free for 14 days and get better connected to your staff.

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