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How to Undertake a Successful Video Interview

Staff Squared date icon3rd July 2018

Tag iconManaging staff

Online video interviews are becoming increasingly commonplace and if you’re job hunting you should really read our handy tips to give you the best possible chance of killing it and getting your dream job!

First off make sure your surroundings are tidy. It’s likely the person on the other side of the screen can see more than you think so get rid of any potentially embarrassing or unprofessional items. Your room should be well lit so your interviewer can see you, and try not to sit in front of a window to avoid glare.

You’ll also need peace and quiet. Got kids? Ask someone to look after them during the interview. Have housemates or live with a partner? Impress on them the need for absolutely NO interruptions until you tell them you’re finished. We all saw that live BBC interview that went viral when the kids of the guy being interviewed burst into the room. Funny, yes. Likely to win you any Brownie points with an employer, no. Likewise if you have pets shut the cat out of the room and if your dog is a barker, arrange for someone to take Fido out for a walk!

Dress as if you were going to a face to face interview and don’t fall into that old cliché of thinking it’s okay to wear pajama bottoms with a shirt or blouse. This isn’t a 1980’s sketch show and you may find you have to stand up at some point – exposing your nightwear to your potential employer – and looking like you’re a corner cutter in the process!

Similarly remember that body language is just as important as if you’re sitting in an office with your interviewer. Don’t slouch, pay attention and look interested! Also be aware that the sound is not going to be as clear as if you were talking to someone in ‘real life’ so make sure you’re speaking clearly.

In a face to face interview looking at the person you’re speaking to is a given, but talking to someone via a laptop can make that a little tricky and you’ll need to make sure you’re looking, not at the screen, but at the actual camera to ensure eye contact with the other person.

Finally, just as you would in any interview, remember that preparation is key. Just because you’re not physically in front of your interviewer doesn’t mean you can wing it. If you need notes to prompt you, that’s fine – just try not to lean too heavily on them or it’ll look like you’re reading from a script and will come across as awkward. Don’t forget to close down background applications and web pages, particularly ones that may make noise. Last of all, ensure your device is fully charged or plugged in – the last thing you want is your phone or laptop battery dying mid-interview!

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