HR software benefits

Clear your HR todo list in 5 minutes flat

Waste less time on HR admin. Process five holiday requests, find Steve’s employment contract, sign off Jenny’s probation and onboard a new staff member all from your Staff Squared dashboard in minutes.

Easy absence management

When staff request time off, managers receive an email that contains the remaining time off, who else is off during that time, and the ability to approve or reject the request right there in the email. Get notified when problem absence patterns emerge and take quick action.

Stop forgetting important dates

Staff Squared automatically reminds you of appraisals and birthdays, probations, work anniversaries and much more.

Sync with your existing calendars

Already use Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar? Sync your Staff Squared calendar with them to see all the same important dates and time off information in the calendars you already use.

Stay compliant

Never forget another renewal – track staff training, qualifications or accreditations and get upcoming expiry notifications straight to your inbox.

Share documents with your team

Share company policy and template documents with your team. Report on whether staff have read important company documents.

Improve staff performance

Fed up with nagging your staff for updates on their goals? So were we! Staff Squared’s unique company objective and goals system uses principles from professors at Harvard Business School to standardise your staff performance management and chase for updates on goals so you don’t have to.

Let your team help you

Use the self-service feature of Staff Squared to allow your staff to keep their data up to date for you. You can store employee files, addresses, next of kin, bank info and more in one place and Staff Squared tells you when any of this info is updated.

Accessible from anywhere

Staff Squared is a hosted service, so there’s no software to install. You always have access to the latest version and new features and enhancements at no additional cost.

You can use Staff Squared from almost any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser.

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