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The StaffSquared HR software affiliate programme

What’s an affiliate program?

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The Staff Squared affiliate scheme is a great way to generate revenue by promoting Staff Squared to your network and audience. Put simply, an affiliate program enables us (Staff Squared) to share a proportion of our revenue with affiliates who drive traffic to our website and land us new customers.

An affiliate earns money each time a sale is made to someone who came to us via them. Affiliates can drive traffic in a number of ways but most commonly through the placement of a banner ad or text link on a website, blog or email. When a sale is generated through the affiliate link, Staff Squared will pay the affiliate commission.

Who can become an affiliate?

Ideally we’re looking for affiliates who are:

  • Existing customers - there’s noone that can sell Staff Squared quite like our existing customers can. The proof is in the pudding as they say. If you’re using our software in your business, that’s the best recommendation.
  • Bloggers and publishers - if you run a website, blog or YouTube channel and you have an audience made up of small businesses, HR professionals or business owners.
  • Accountants - did you know that small businesses access advice and information from accountants more than any other professional service? Use your unique position to generate retained income for your business. You do this simply by promoting the right tools to fit your client’s needs. If they agree and sign up then you get a cut.
  • Affiliate marketers - if you do this for a living, why not consider adding Staff Squared to your list of advertisers? We offer a percentage of subscription revenues for the lifetime of the accounts gained.
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How does the affiliate program work?

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You’ll need to set up an account with CJs here

Don’t worry, it’s easy peasy and totally FREE. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with your password and login information.

CJs will provide you with your own dashboard where you can view detailed statistics of traffic and sales that you’ve referred. You will also have access to a range of Staff Squared banners and text links. Once you have added the banners or text links (or both!) to your website, all you need is for one of your visitors to click through and buy into Staff Squared. A short while later, we’ll start paying you commission and will continue to pay you commission for the lifetime of the account.

All the relevant terms and conditions are detailed with Commission Junction.

Why become an affiliate?

To make money from what you already do, using your existing resources and strengths. If you engage (online) with an audience that contains business owners, small business managers or HR professionals then it’s a no-brainer to establish some residual income.

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Why become a Staff Squared affiliate?

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Do you understand the pain associated with managing HR in a small business environment? We do and that’s why we built Staff Squared. Sure, there’s lots of HR software packages out there but none of them uniquely designed with small business in mind.

Staff Squared really helps to organise the movements of a team and lessen the HR burden on small business owners and managers.

We’re well known for providing top notch, personable customer service so you can be sure your visitors and network are in safe hands with us.

Staff Squared is an online tool that features:

  • Shared calendar
  • Absence management (including Bradford Factor)
  • Staff HR files and audit trails
  • Staff goals
  • Document management
  • Expenses management
  • Appraisal reminders
  • Reporting and more

What will I earn?

We pay a percentage of earnings for the lifetime of the account. The percentage rates fluctuate by the type of account gained and the initial term new customers sign up for.

Our current affiliate rates are detailed on the CJ portal.

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How will I be paid commission?

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Commissions are paid on a monthly basis starting at least 60 days after the initial purchase and in accordance with the CJ Affiliate Payment Schedule.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team about the affiliate scheme please email or use our online chat facility.

We would welcome any feedback you have about the affiliate scheme. If you have some please email

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