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What is a timesheet?

In the most basic terms a timesheet is a document that staff use to record the number of hours they have worked a day, week or month. Staff Squared provides timesheet recording.

Timesheets were originally developed for employers to accurately calculate their payroll. Timesheets have since become more embedded in staff workflows and the information they now provide is used for client billing, project costing, estimation, tracking and performance management.

Some employers request that their employees use a time card, or punch, system which allows employees to clock in and out at the door of their offices. Swipe cards, and iPad based devices such as the ones Staff Squared provide are now replacing the traditional punch card and swiping in and out systems.

Asking staff to complete timesheets as part of their day to day tasks has numerous advantages including lowering costs by automating payroll and other associated workflows. Automated billing is another benefit of tracking time, which can lead to more accurate invoicing and increased cash-flow.

For HR, timesheets provide a unique insight in to the day to day life of their staff and can provide them with the ability to analyse and provide recommendations on how roles can be redefined if necessary.

As with all changes, it’s important that the timesheet software used is able to integrate seamlessly, and not provide too much additional overhead for your staff. Timesheets are also prone to human error, so where possible it’s essential to have checks in place.

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