Measure and improve staff performance

Set measurable goals and objectives

Here's how it works:

  • Define your company objectives
    Setting company objectives keeps all your staff in the loop about where your business is headed.
  • Create goals for staff that are aligned with your company objectives
    Create goals aligned with your company objectives to consistently measure performance in staff skills and professional development.
  • Staff are automatically reminded that they have open goals at a frequency you decide
    Staff Squared requests progress updates against staff goals at intervals you set. Which means that you receive updates on your staff’s individual development between appraisals.
  • Staff update their goals, so you no longer have to prompt them for updates
    Receive notifications when goals are updated. Your staff can request a catch up meeting to review one or more goals - no more meaningless appraisals!
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"I have upgraded to a full account now and got all the staff on and invited - everyone has found it straightforward to use.

Can I just say how great your quick feedback has been - it's really helpful (and quite different to a lot of other online services!) Thanks again."

Sue Lenton

Stay on top of appraisals

Having staff appraisals is an important part of managing staff. With Staff Squared's appraisal management system, you can make sure you never miss an appraisal again.

The appraisals due list will highlight any staff that are due an appraisal, so you can then schedule the appraisals and view them in the calendar.

After the appraisal has taken place, you can upload notes to Staff Squared so by the time the next appraisal comes around, you'll be able to remind yourself of what was discussed in the previous one.

Schedule appraisals

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