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Spot trends, take action. As you would expect Staff Squared automatically generates useful statistics such as the Bradford Factor.

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Get a grip on staff lateness

Logging lateness in Staff Squared is ridiculously easy. Staff Squared will keep track of how often staff are late and how much that has cost the business in both time and money. Email notifications can be automatically sent to managers and supervisors when lateness thresholds are reached.

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See the cost of sick leave

The cost of sick leave report will show you the cost each absence has on your company. The report also includes department, this allows you to see which department has the most costly time off, which you can then address accordingly.

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Monitor staff holiday

The staff holiday report will allow you to monitor any holidays your staff have taken. This allows you to see any upcoming, pending or rejected holidays in your company, when viewing this report you will be able to filter by holiday years, all time or custom dates.

Lateness report

Staff Squared HR software keeps you better informed about the status of your employees or human capital. This awareness translates into better performance, improved customer service, and increased profitability. Book a demo today. It's time invested in your company.

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