Powerful HR reporting

Instantly available and exportable.

Image showing a screen that lists a report on holidays taken

Reports that put you in the know

  • Know everything you need to about your staff and see the HR trends within your business. Reports are available in real-time and are easy to export.
  • Get reports on holidays, absences and sick leave with instant access to the costs to your business.
  • See the time that staff have worked, their holiday and how much sick leave they've had including Bradford Factor scores.
  • Even more reports include timesheets, expenses, objectives, goals and benefits – a complete picture of your HR.
GIF demonstrating the metrics provided by Staff Squared's at-a-glance dashboard reports

Key metrics for your business at a glance

Stay up to date with the numbers that matter most using our new dashboard reports.

  • Keep track of headcount, employment status, department, office and location across your business.
  • Links to more detailed reports enable you to dig deeper into the numbers and make data-driven decisions.
  • Spot key trends and take timely action.
GIF showing a list of lateness for your company

Get a grip on staff lateness

Logging lateness in Staff Squared is a breeze. Staff Squared allows you to keep track of how often staff are late and how much it's costing your business in both time and money. Set email notifications to managers and supervisors when lateness thresholds are reached.

GIF showing a report that can be filtered to show cost of staff sickness for different time periods

See the cost of sick leave

Sick leave reports tell you what each absence is costing your company. You can view by department so you know where to target measures to improve the performance of your staff.

Image showing a screen that lists staff holiday

Monitor staff holiday

The staff holiday report allows you to monitor any holidays your staff have taken. This allows you to see any upcoming, pending or rejected holidays in your company. You can also filter reports by holiday years, all time or custom dates.

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