HR document management and storage

Your HR documents organised and in one place.

Image showing a screen that lists the documents uploaded to the Staff Squared account and a dialog box that enables users to control how a document is used

Safely store your documents

Store all of your important documents in one secure, online, backed up location. You can also group your documents so it's easy to stay organised and quickly find the files you need.

  • Image showing the upload files button on the documents page that allows admins to upload documents via Google Drive

    All your staff files in one place

    Your staff files are just as important as your records. Official letters, discipline records, performance assessments, certifications, driver’s licenses and more can be stored. Even attach files straight from Google Drive!
  • Image showing a notification to staff members that they need to read an important document

    Make sure important documents get read

    Mark a file as “requires reading” and Staff Squared adds a notification to selected staff dashboards. When they read the file it’s marked as read and you have an important audit trail at your finger tips.
  • Image showing how to set who can read documents

    Control access to files

    Store files in folder and share them with staff just as you would a network folder, expect our folders are available online from anywhere in the world, super secure and always backed up.
  • Image showing who has read shared files

    Need to keep track of files that expire?

    No problem…just set a date that the file expires and Staff Squared will remind you to review it. Useful for accreditations, licenses, and other documents that need to be renewed from time to time.
  • Image showing how to easily send files to third parties

    Easily send files to third parties

    Sometimes it’s useful to send a file to somebody outside of your Staff Squared account. Just enter their e-mail address and they’ll receive a secure link to download the file.
  • Image showing how to upload larger files

    Upload large files

    We know that files these days can be large and that’s okay. Upload large files in to your Staff Squared account as there’s no limit on file size or the number of files you can upload.

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