Organise your HR documents

Safely store your documents

Store all of your important documents in one secure, online, backed up location. You can also add your documents to groups so it's easy to stay organised and quickly find the files you need.

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"When your team starts growing you suddenly realise you need to manage holidays, sickness and personal information for each of your staff, and that’s exactly where Staff Squared helps, it took us no time at all to setup, and now we have a clear process for staff to follow!"

Matt Lanham

Upload from Google Drive

Link any existing documents from Google Drive to your Staff Squared account. You no longer need to download a Google Drive document to upload in to Staff Squared, and any changes you make to the Google Drive document will be automatically reflected in your Staff Squared account.

Upload from google drive

Make important documents required reading

When you mark a file as "requires reading" Staff Squared adds a notification to each staff members dashboard. When someone reads the file they can then mark it as read. This is a good way to keep track of who's read what.

Requires reading

Keep your documents up to date

Setting expiry dates on your documents generates an automatic notification to upload a new version.

Expired file

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