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As your company grows from a small to medium enterprise, managing HR takes on a whole new meaning, and can be more time consuming.

The rules and regulations around managing staff can be a minefield and trying to keep track of absences, appraisals, salaries etc can keep you busy for days. Excel spreadsheets, scraps of paper and a filing cabinet full of files is not the way forward. Is the only way round this to outsource to an HR professional or even employ another staff member to manage HR?

No – Staff Squared helps you to manage your staff and keeps all of their data and absence records in one place. Staff Squared is cloud based so you don’t even have to be in the office to access it. It is everything you need to know about all of your staff at your fingertips.

Keep each staff member’s paperwork on their profile and add company files for staff to read. As it is self-service staff can update their own personal profiles saving you valuable time. Use Staff Squared’s diary to manage events and meetings and invite staff to those meetings. Run reports and arrange appraisals, set company objectives and align staff goals with them so that everyone can see the direction the company is heading and help your company to grow.

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