Rickshaw Travel

September 2018


Rickshaw Travel is a UK based travel company who design authentic and meaningful travel experiences for their customers – AKA Rickshaw Ramblers. They offer the flexibility to build personalised holiday itineraries (including travel and locally-run accommodation), local knowledge of the destinations they offer and start to finish support.

Rickshaw Travel offer a whole range of bite-sized trips across Asia, Latin America and Canada to a client base that represents a diverse range of ages, interests and demographics, but who share one common factor: a spirit of adventure and the desire to get off the beaten track.

Rickshaw Travel believe that ‘meaningful travel’ is having unique experiences that bring you closer to the country you are visiting, coming face-to-face with their cultures and meeting new people with a completely different view of the world. Their Travel Specialists strive to provide a fully immersive journey to the heart of a destination while ensuring the preservation and support of the communities . Their aim is to minimise the harm that tourism can do and go one step further to maximise the benefit by making sure that their trips are sustainable and sensible.

To learn more about Rickshaw Travel and the work that they do, head over to their website.

The Challenge

Before Rickshaw Travel decided to find an alternative method of managing their HR, they were using one shared drive containing a lot of spreadsheets and lots of paper was flying around the office – never the ideal scenario for a rapidly growing business; especially when trying to manage holiday requests and keep track of the staff calendar which greatly impacts the efficiency of day-to-day business.

Clare, Office Manager and HR Support for Rickshaw Travel, told us that “it was only a small team to start with, but as soona s the company began growing in earnest, the spreadsheets got out of hand.”

The Solution

With that in mind, it was important for Rickshaw Travel to find a HR solution able to support these needs; and that is where Staff Squared comes in.

Clare told us how beneficial and convenient is it to be able to just log into her account and “see at a glance who is in and out of the office”. She also explained that the ability to book and approve holiday in such an easy to use process and other intuitive functions such as updates automatically being attributed to the Organisation Chart when changes are made is very useful.

Rickshaw Travel do not have extensive HR needs and so only use a very limited amount of the functionality that Staff Squared has to offer. This includes absence management and the storage of their employee’s personal data; but what really stands out to Clare about Staff Squared is the Helpdesk feature, which she described as ‘absolutely excellent’. Clare told us that if you are unable to find the answers you are looking for in the Knowledge Base, the Customer Care Team are “endlessly patient, extremely proactive and will follow through any query until it has been satisfactorily concluded.”

Would you Recommend Staff Squared to Other Businesses?

“I would recommend Staff Squared as an entry-level system while they are still developing their software. They have a solid, cost-effective product and demonstrate that they listen to customer feedback and develop new functions to meet business needs.” said Clare.

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