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What type of manager are you?

Of course you’re the boss, the big kahuna, but do you know what style of management you use?

Understanding this can be a huge advantage and gives you an insight in to how best to manage your team.

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The dictator

You like to take the time to define the roles and responsibilities of your staff in detail. So you can be completely sure that the job is executed to your satisfaction, you’ll also supervise staff closely. You make the majority of the decisions and the opportunity for debate on how to do things is limited.

Where you’ll find her
Up late writing up a detailed business plan, marketing plan and supporting charts and graphs for the financial year after next. No stone is left unturned and she’ll work hard to keep well ahead of any potential problems. This manager does not like surprises.

  • Perfect for employees lacking either skill or motivation
  • Great at handling a crisis
  • Most dictators love to document processes, which is always a good thing
  • Any creativity in your team may be stifled by this controlling approach to management, micromanagement ahoy!
  • Time consuming, leaving little opportunity to look at the bigger picture
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The pace setter

Leading from the front is how you do things. You like to define the big picture, you’re an optimist and always looking for new opportunities to exploit. Extroverted in your approach, you like to take onboard feedback where possible but ultimately you make the final call.

Where you’ll find him
In front of a whiteboard, listing the company objectives for the year and then defining goals for individuals. This guy loves 1-2-1 time with his team, and gets a kick out of seeing people grow into their roles.

  • Perfect when employees need to be listened to and made aware of the big picture
  • Engaged employees are generally more likely to perform better under this type of management
  • Working at a pace doesn’t always allow your staff to stay up to date with what you’re doing and assist you
  • Mistakes are often corrected by trial and error. This can lead to a reactive form of management
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The coach

You like to be involved but not too involved. You’re never too far away from the action but you get a kick out of watching your team evolve as they learn from mistakes. As much as you don’t mind trial and error, you’ll still intervene if you feel necessary.

Where you’ll find her
Watching various metrics for her team from afar, she’ll keep an eye out for potential staff development opportunities at all times.

  • Great at turning around teams of people who are lacking in happiness and confidence
  • Even better at getting the most out of employees who are already engaged and looking to grow
  • Not great in a crisis
  • Sometimes persists with a bad employee for too long, when the right thing to do was to remove the employee from the company
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The relaxed approach

You keep a distance from your team, and like to keep your involvement in the management of day to day tasks to a minimum unless you’re asked. Your staff are free to make what they feel are the best decisions given a set of circumstances, and you expect them to be able to get on with it.

Where you’ll find him
On the look out for new people to bring on the team. He likes working with self-motivated intelligent people, and so spends a lot of time making sure the right people are on his team.

  • Able to keep an eye on the strategy and most definitely not a micromanager
  • The team feel empowered and able to get on with their jobs
  • A team that isn’t self disciplined and well organised can quickly descend into chaos with such a hands off approach to management
  • There’s potential for staff to feel disconnected from the overall vision of the company if they’re not engaged with on a regular basis
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