Equal Opportunity and Diversity Template

The Equality Opportunities and Diversity Policy which is also known as the Equality and Diversity Policy has been written in understanding with the current Equality Legislation.

Under the Equality Act 2010, new employers may advance their use of positive action in recruiting and promoting. which means that an employer can take steps to embolden people from groups that may have different needs. They may have a past record of hardship, or even low participation when it comes to applying for jobs. This is when employers are permitted (but not required) to take positive action on this matter. One of the conditions with the positive action provision is that the employer must not repeatedly treat people with a protected characteristic in a way that could come across more favourably. Positive Action must only be used in tie-break situations.

The Equality Act makes it wrongful for a company to discriminate against anyone based on a protected characteristic. These include race, gender, pregnancy and maternity, marriage or civil partnership, gender reassignment, disability, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation. It is achievable for employees to claim discrimination on any of these grounds. The company will still be held accountable if an employee is discriminating against another employee or a customer, and would be responsible for paying any compensation or damages to the victim.

If a company can prove that they have done everything in their power that is reasonable to prevent discrimination in the workplace, the liability can be reduced or completely eliminated.

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