Staff appraisal, training and development documents

  • Confirmation of promotion letter£4.99Download
    A letter should be sent to an employee to confirm the details of their promotion. The letter must be signed by the employee and returned to their employer as confirmation of their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in the letter.
  • Salary review with no pay increase letter£4.99Download
    If your company conducts a regular salary review, even when an employee will not be receiving a salary increase, you should send them a ‘Salary Review with No Pay Increase Letter’. The letter gives the employee the opportunity to discuss the decision further upon receiving the letter.
  • Salary review with pay increase letter£4.99Download
    This Salary Review with Pay Increase Letter is from an employer to an employee who has received an increase in salary. This letter confirms the amount of increase and the company’s appreciation for a job well done.

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