Target Specific Demographics

Survey specific groups of people within your company across various demographics.

Achieve More Granular Results Using Staff Squared Pulse

  • Send surveys to all staff, individual employees or groups of staff.
  • Assign your staff to facets such as offices, job roles or salaries and send surveys to those specific employees.
  • Report on demographics to see a breakdown of how staff feel across different areas of your business.

  • Define Your Company Settings

    Survey your staff based on departments, employee types and roles as well as gender and nationality.

  • Create Offices

    Send surveys based on location when you add your Offices.


  • Enter Staff Information

    Survey your staff based on data including age, length of service and salary band by populating their profiles.

  • Survey Groups or Individuals

    Create groups from your Staff List and survey employees in specific groups – or survey them individually; it’s completely up to you!

Customise Your Surveys

Get the most out of your employee satisfaction surveys by customising recipients.

With Staff Squared Pulse, you can target various segments of your business to gain a more in-depth understanding of satisfaction levels both company-wide and on a more granular basis.

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Simple, flat-rate pricing

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  • Essentials



    Per employee per month

    • Unlimited employees
    • Create one survey
    • Configure introduction email
    • Pulse accreditation
    • Powerful reports
  • Plus



    Per employee per month

    • Unlimited employees
    • Unlimited surveys
    • Choose survey questions
    • Choose survey recipients
    • Configure survey response time
    • Configure introduction email
    • Pulse accreditation
    • Powerful reports

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