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As a software development company we know first-hand what it takes to produce good, practical user friendly software. We did extensive research when choosing the HR platform that would best suit our business. We have staff in 8 cities around the world so it was vital the software could support our vast array of different countries and currencies. Staff Squared has been completely up to the task of supporting all our needs. And most importantly, whenever I have needed support or suggest additions to the software, their team Support team are extremely efficient and helpful.

I particularly like the calendar feature so I can see at a glance everything that is happening with staff across the business. The email prompts on peoples birthdays and work anniversaries ensures we never miss any important milestones for the key people that keep our company together. Staff Squared is a very effective and user friendly HR tool and has become a crucial part of our business systems.

Lisa Glaister

I have upgraded to a full account now and got all the staff on and invited - everyone has found it straightforward to use.

Can I just say how great your quick feedback has been - it's really helpful (and quite different to a lot of other online services!) Thanks again.

Sue Lenton

Staff Squared is great, we love how they listen to our feedback, and instantly set out a plan as to how to implement. It is an extremely user friendly system that helps make the management of staff, much more social!

Greg Guilford

Everyone is so used to using Staff Squared now, it's just part of everyday life - makes things so much easier.

Wendy Vickers

Thank you so much for listening to your customers!! Great support!

Andrea Finnagin

If the other companies I worked with were anything near as professional and client focused as Staff Squared my job would be a lot easier!

Kevin Field

Hi there, just to drop a quick note on the pop up help function. I visited the site today and felt very welcome when the chat message popped up and ask if I had any questions – they answered all of my questions promptly. This is extremely personable and makes for a great customer experience!

Dr. JooBee Yeow

I was recommended Staff Squared by an IT specialist friend of mine. I was looking primarily for an efficient, interactive, ultra-user-friendly system to record staff leave, absence and lateness as well as holding personnel information and files. This software is spot on. There is a timely free trial to allay any pressure and the Staff Squared team are always available to happily answer my questions. In addition, and very importantly, the company are extremely open to suggestions and will accommodate whenever possible.

Jules Ferrigno

Thanks for making a product that really helps us make our business work.

Matt Haworth

It wasn’t until Staff Squared came along that we felt “we’ve found it”! After years of searching and getting very annoyed with things like too much functionality for SME’s, old fashioned user interfaces, ridiculous pricing or poor implementation, project planning and training, Staff Squared finally came along with the right functionality at the right price point for our client base. The team at Staff Squared have been amazing in helping us set up as a Partner and nothing has been too much trouble!

Claire Morley-Jones

When your team starts growing you suddenly realise you need to manage holidays, sickness and personal information for each of your staff, and that’s exactly where Staff Squared helps, it took us no time at all to setup, and now we have a clear process for staff to follow!

Matt Lanham

Operating in the HR industry ourselves, we know first hand how important it is to have easy to use online solutions that will save staff and managers time.

Staff Squared does just that in streaming our holiday planning, personnel records and performance review records. Our teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Rotterdam love the interface and ease of use. What’s more, Staff Squared is always open to your suggestions and actively seek out solutions to your problems. My queries always get real time feedback and that is very assuring. Overall, a big thumbs up for Staff Squared!

Yvon Lieu

We are loving Staff Squared - miles apart from the competition we evaluated.

Ben Iceton

And many many more happy customers...

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