Working Patterns are Here (Along with some Other Cool New Features!) image

Working Patterns are Here (Along with some Other Cool New Features!)

Staff Squared date icon9th September 2014

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We’ve just released the new working pattern feature.  You can now tell Staff Squared what times of the week your staff work, and Staff Squared will (magically) work out how much time off your staff are booking based on their schedules. We also now support absence tracking in both days and hours…

Creating a working pattern

Creating a working pattern

Manage absence requests straight from the calendar

Having to switch between the dashboard and the calendar to approve holidays was a pain, so now you don’t have to! You can see the pending absence in the calendar, and approve or reject it from within the pop out:

Approve and reject absence requests straight from the calendar

We’ve made a bunch of other improvements too

We know how much you all love the calendar, and so took the opportunity to give it a spruce up alongside the introduction of working patterns:

  • The calendar pop outs are now much more uniform, easier to use and load much faster
  • We’ve defaulted the calendar pop out to holiday
  • When requesting time off it’s now possible to enter the exact number of hours off. Useful for doctor’s appointments or those pesky dentists
  • The calendar iCal sync now includes the start and end times of absences, making it much more useful as you can see exactly when a colleague is coming back to work

So what’s next!?

With working patterns now live we will focus on the other areas of the app again. We’re also adding customisation features so you can upload your logo and set your preferred colour for the app and integrating with a number of third party apps to add useful functionality to Staff Squared. As always if you have any feedback please head over to our forums or drop us a line to

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