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Welcome to the New Look Staff Squared

Staff Squared date icon30th May 2018

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Hi, I’m Simon. I’m the Managing Director of Staff Squared and if you’re reading this blog post our new Staff Squared rebrand and website has been launched. This is a culmination of some incredibly hard work performed by our Staff Squared team who I’m immensely proud of.

We’re not stopping here

This is just the beginning of some innovative and industry shaking improvements to Staff Squared that you’ll see us introduce in the coming months.

Since we launched over five years ago we’ve ridden the wave of the HR software industry as it continues to grow and thrive.  We’ve helped thousands of managers and their employees stay better connected, work more efficiently and spend less time on HR and more time on their businesses.

We are no longer content with just riding the wave. Going forward we will use our combined technology and HR expertise to lead the way in the HR software and associated services that we provide.

Introducing Staff Squared Plus

In the coming months we’re going to launch a new service – Staff Squared Plus – which will provide even more value to our Staff Squared customers and revolutionise the way that businesses gain access to timely, accurate and relevant HR information and advice.

This is in addition to the wealth of improvements and additions we’re now working to create within Staff Squared itself.

A culmination of Staff Squared Plus and a raft of improvements to Staff Squared itself will help us to reach our goal of being the leading innovator in the HR software and service industry in five years’ time.

We’re very excited about what the future holds, and so very grateful to our customers who have given us the opportunity to help them manage their most precious business assets –their staff.

Written by Simon Swords

Managing Director - Staff Squared

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