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UPDATE! Sharing Files, Managing Staff Groups and Much More

Staff Squared date icon20th May 2019

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Due to popular demand, a range of new capabilities are now available for you to use and we are pretty thrilled for you to see them. The latest additions to your Staff Squared account will enhance your time saving and help you to manage your employees.

Bulk File Sharing

Working through streams of files to share them with a new user or to simply review who should be able to access them on an individual basis is now a thing of the past with the introduction of bulk sharing. You can now simply select all or multiple files that you would like to share, hit the new settings cog and choose ‘share’.

NB: Please note that when using the bulk share option, any current share settings will be overwritten by the users/groups you select, so be sure to include all users who require access when doing this.

Send ‘Week Ahead’ Emails

You can now manage your time and agenda for the upcoming week with the addition of the ‘Week Ahead’ email. Enable this email and a notification will be sent to all staff on a day and time of your choosing – but don’t worry! Staff will only receive information relevant to them:

Admins: will see everything and are not restricted to what they can see in the new ‘Week Ahead’ email.

Managers: will see their information and information for their employees, excluding birthdays which only Admins will see.

Staff: will see only their information and new team members.

Lockdown on Archived Timesheets

Archived timesheets are no longer editable, eradicating the potential for time to be lost by users changing the selected project by mistake. Once a timesheet has been archived, that particular entry will be blocked out from any amendments being made.

Don’t worry, though. You will always be able to add more time to that project by simply adding a new row!

Staff Groups

Create and manage staff groups from employee profiles in addition to your Staff Directory, making keeping on top of your staff and the groups they belong to much more practical.

You can now:

  • Enter the names of the users you would like to add to a new or existing group to save time scrolling through ticking boxes.
  • Easily change the name of existing groups.
  • Add staff to a new or existing group from their profile (and add others from there too!)
  • Edit or delete existing groups directly from a user’s profile as well as in your Staff Directory.




Approved/Unapproved Sickness Total

Report on both approved and pending staff sickness with the all new ‘Approved’, ‘Pending’ and ‘All’ tabs that are now available in your Sick Leave and Cost Report and Sick Leave Overview and Bradford Factor Report.

Additionally, you can now see a breakdown of days that have been taken as sickness and have been approved (red) and sick days that have yet to be processed (orange) in the Sick Leave Stats profile widget.

And More…

  • Holiday and sickness notifications now hit the top of your to-do list, ensuring that you never miss a new absence request.
  • A polished new design makes running and exporting reports that much simpler.
  • Further bulk action on the staff page allows you to delete multiple users if they are no longer required to remain in the system.
  • Send your daily ‘Who’s Out?’ Slack notification without the need to also send an email.
  • In addition to the new lockdown on archived Timesheets, a placeholder option now appears in the project dropdown, for which it is not possible to record time against.
  • Improvements to tooltips throughout the site give more clarity on the functionality and permissions of features.

Coming soon!

In the coming weeks and months you can expect to see a string of updates to your time tracking workflows and timesheets, ensuring that you are able to switch between clients more easily. You will also see the introduction of a new Chrome extension for easy access to your timer start/stop and advanced time tracking reports. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

Keep your feedback coming. We are always keen to hear from you. You can contact us at support@staffsquared.com.

Written by Clarisse Levitan

Lead First Line Customer Support Agent - Staff Squared

Clarisse works as the Lead of our Customer Support Team to provide all of our customers with the very best care and guidance when using their HR software.

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