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UK Bank Holidays – 2022

Staff Squared date icon19th October 2021

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To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, it has been announced that the UK will have one extra Bank Holiday on Friday 3rd June 2022, alongside the usual Spring Bank Holiday which will be moved to Thursday 2nd June next year. 

If you have already imported your UK Bank Holidays for 2022, you may need to update them to reflect the new dates for next year’s June Bank Holiday weekend. We’ve added the dates for you – all you need to do is delete your current 2022 Bank Holidays are re-import them. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Company Settings and open the Bank Holidays tab.
  • Navigate to 2022.
  • Hit the ‘delete all’ button to remove the current dates for 2022.
  • Select ‘import your country’s bank holidays’ and enter ‘United Kingdom’ into the search bar that appears. Select the UK and then hit ‘add’. Your updated Bank Holidays will now be added to your calendar.

View our how-to video to see how to update your Bank Holidays for 2022 here –

NB: If your Bank Holidays should deduct from holiday allowance, make sure to edit this before you close the Bank Holidays tab.

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