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The Staff Squared Roadmap

Staff Squared date icon3rd June 2020

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At Staff Squared, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate you HR software and, as such, have always welcomed feedback from our customers.  

We understand that employees are the beating heart of any successful company, and so it stands to reason that the way you manage your HR is of the utmost importance.  

From the moment you and your staff sign into Staff Squared, you expect to be able to manage your data and other HR tasks seamlessly – and a large part of that is having access to features and functionality that allows you to do so in an automated and timely manner.  

Our development team strives to provide the very best to our customers, but it can sometimes be hard for them to know what features should be prioritised in our roadmap. With this in mind, we set to work to find the best way to both continue welcoming your feedback and also get an understanding of how in-demand your development requests are.  

What is Productboard? 

Productboard is a product management system that helps service providers like Staff Squared to understand what users want and need, and how to prioritise their roadmaps by giving users a platform to share their ideas and upvote other suggestions.  

Integration with Product board also allows development teams to share their roadmaps with customers so they always know what to expect next.  

Users are able to view a breakdown of suggestions under consideration by the development team, planned changes, work currently in progress and a history of past releases.  

Why We’ve Added it 

We wanted to find a way to give you access to our roadmap whenever you want, meaning that you can stay in the loop with our development plans and upcoming feature releases. An integration with Productboard allows you to do exactly that.  

It’s important to us that our customers have the ability to share their thoughts about Staff Squared because we want to deliver the best possible software to make your HR as effortless as can be.  

What it Means for our Customers 

Now, more than ever, we want to hear from you. The Staff Squared Roadmap can be found alongside our Help Centre and Support details under the ? In the top right-hand corner of any screen within the portal.  

Essentially, what it means for our customers is a more direct way of submitting feedback and development requests to us. Previously, feedback would need to be sent to our Customer Care Team who would log it in a backlog which would be reviewed by our development team when we put together a new sprint of development work. While this helped us to deliver more value to some customers, we felt that it wasn’t customer-focused enough. 

Productboard will allow you to submit your feedback directly to Staff Squared’s Product Manager, who will publish your suggestions publicly within the Staff Squared app for all other customers to see. If they like your idea, they have the option to upvote it, which will let us know how much value the proposed change would add to your HR system.  

In addition, you will always be able to see what we are working on next, so you’ll know what to expect from our next update.  

The Future of Staff Squared 

We want Staff Squared to be an HR system you can be proud of and have put in a lot of work to achieve this. Over the past few years, we have implemented many key features and updates including:  

  • User interface improvements (you might remember Sir Pointsalot!)  

  • Calendar improvements including day, week, month and schedule views, absence audits, recurring absences and blocked holiday periods. 
  • Onboarding checklists.  
  • Files overhauls including the ability to add permissions to your files, folders, required reading settings and the ability to email files to third parties.  
  • New expense workflows and time tracking improvements.  
  • Week ahead and holiday allowance emails.  
  • Dashboard insights and visual reports.  
  • Employee satisfaction survey.  
  • Applicant tracking.  
  • Company links. 

Our current roadmap is already very exciting and we cannot wait to share what we have in store with you, with a new Pulse app already in the works (watch this space for more information) and other key features such as a payroll integration, TOIL and a new and improved mobile app.  

With your help, Staff Squared’s roadmap can continue to include useful and valuable features that will make your HR efforts a breeze.  

Have your Say! 

We are really excited to share this new integration with you and look forward to having your ideas.  

If you would like to see a new addition to Staff Squared, head on over to our roadmap now to submit your feedback – and don’t forget to review suggestions made by our other customers as there may be other features you’d also love to see in the future. 

Written by Clarisse Levitan

Marketing and Customer Relations Advisor - Staff Squared 

Clarisse works as the Lead of our Customer Care Team to provide our customers with the very best care and guidance when using their HR software and is responsible for our day-to-day marketing activities and strategies.

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