15 Benefits of SaaS Software as a Service for Small Business UK

26th June 2016


Helping You Compete, Grow and Stay in Business

Small business is big news and it’s never been easier to create and launch a new successful business in the UK. This is the wonder of the digital era. New restaurants, building contractors, repair services, consulting, marketing agencies, IT services, tech startups, medical clinics, day care centers, health and wellness shops, financial and investment services, and many more small business enterprises are popping up on a daily basis.

And to control costs, they’re using a myriad of SaaS software solutions ranging from business plans, to marketing automation, to ecommerce, and hr administration. SMB managers are adopting the software to tame the wild beast of tasks and paperwork they must deal with everyday. It’s simple, they’ve realised that streamlining = staying in business.

Some of these new startups will compete for share of market or share of pocketbook with your company. That’s the bad news. The good news perhaps, is that most of them will fail within 5 years. They can coast along when it’s easy but when economic swings and unforeseen circumstances and rising costs rock their bottom line, they unfortunately go belly up.

There are many reasons for business failure, however we’ve outlined that time is the one common denominator that separates successful firms from those that are struggling. Time efficiency allows business owners to focus their expertise, resources, and cash on any problem to solve it.

What’s this SaaS Thing that’s all the Rage?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It’s software applications that you “rent” instead of buying or having an IT staff install and manage it. The luxury of using low priced subscription based hr software is no small matter and online software is a godsend for small business people like you who need cost efficiency. It gives you the power of information technology and presents it in a simple to use format. All you need to do is login and begin work. And when you log out, you have more time to spend on your most important business tasks.

There are plenty of UK HR software vendors serving the UK business market, yet they prefer Staff Squared’s SaaS HR solution for its simplicity as well as the helpfulness of our professional customer service staff. The quality of customer service is an intangible, yet who doesn’t appreciate fast, courteous from a software company? Good service isn’t a given. Our many competitors may actually use customer service centers in India to cut costs and outsource something they can’t handle effectively.

Having HR software CSRs right here in the UK eliminates more of stress out of learning any new software and help you get the very best performance out of it.

We know your small business pains and challenges and that you don’t want more. We’ve designed our software especially for SMBs and to make your software experience as painless and efficient as possible.

16 Benefits of Using New SaaS HR Software to run your Business

New online hr software can make worklife much better and power up profitability:

  1. Better control over business processes
  2. Helpful overview of staff activities, performance and attendance.
  3. More time to understand your tough business challenges
  4. More time to strategy and plan key business activities
  5. Provides better focus and direction for staff so they don’t waste their time
  6. Eliminates paper waste and processing activities (e.g. timesheets and vacation forms)
  7. Better communication with staff and thus better customer service
  8. Better awareness of employee problems before you lose them
  9. Better orientation of new employees
  10. Easing employee stress and confusion
  11. Less expensive to finance than purchased and hosted software
  12. Less confusion means you’re more energized, optimistic and less fatigued
  13. Improved employee relationships and happier employees
  14. Better adherence to pressing government regulations and restrictions
  15. More time to improve products/services and your unique value proposition

The features and benefits of SaaS HR solutions for small businesses should ease many of your daily challenges and give you time back to focus on the key challenges of staying competitive and aligning your staff and company goals.

Please visit our small business help center for more tips, strategies, and how to use Staff Squared HR software. Don’t forget to set up a demo so you can see how it works and get your questions answered immediately. No time wasted!

Find out why most businesses fail and discover some great business practices that will keep your business successful. Adopting software for HR is wise and here are some good reasons why HR software saves your time.

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HR Software Systems are Becoming Small Business Friendly

20th May 2016


9 Reasons Why Small Business HR Technology is so Hot

When most people hear the words HR system, they’re thinking big clunky legacy software systems designed for huge corporations that have bloated human resource management departments serving 20,000+ employees. What could be more inappropriate for an agile small business?  Instead, how about an HR solution designed solely for Small businesses?

Our daily work lives are burdened with forms, contracts, receipts, and letters so who wants to make a full time job of that, using a complicated software solution that only developers could operate? Technology should make business easier and more successful.

“HR is becoming increasingly inseparable from technology, as more companies invest in software developed specifically for this function* to support data analysis and improve employee engagement. The technology industry has responded to this demand and HR software is now a $15 billion market — from an article by OnRec

However, I’m betting that your paperwork and employee document administration is a tiresome task and it’s one you’re not cut out to handle. No shame since those daily tasks can drain anyone’s spirit and energy, leaving you exhausted and unable to focus on key business decision making. Remember that awful emotional state as we tell you how new online HR software is relieving small businesses of unnecessary paperwork and wasted time.

There are a number of reasons why Small Business HR software is becoming popular now:

  1. Small firms are swamped with work that is complicated
  2. Regulations require extensive legal documentation showing compliance
  3. Software is easy to access — such as online and hosted on the cloud
  4. Software easily integrates many human resources tasks such as calendar scheduling, staff communications, filing, time tracking, absence management, and performance measurement
  5. Priced appropriately for small businesses with 5 to 50 employees
  6. No big initial layout of cash to install and launch
  7. Cloud-hosted solutions are now very secure due to new security and encryption protocols
  8. User interfaces are simple and intuitive and online learning tools are excellent and thorough
  9. Mobile-friendly app makes it easy and convenient for employees to use

Small Business Owners have Different Priorities Today

Small business HR is more challenging. Markets are international, employees may be decentralised, or offices located in different cities. Recruiting qualified staff is tougher and good employees may become scarcer due to countries tightening up on free trade agreements. Startups will have their work cut out for them in luring workers from other companies. Small to medium sized companies may have to hold onto their employees and know how to train them and motivate them.

Weeding out poorly performing employees is just as vital to a company’s health. Being able to measure performance overall and enable and reward productivity, as well as boost employee retention could determine the company’s fate.
You probably get the picture that being on top of the status of your employee and company performance is vital. The new small business HR software powers up communication with more give and take between staff and managers. That sharing and feedback is vital to shaping your human resource management strategy.

You may have read all the features a small business hr management software solution offers and the benefit of hr software. Now you know HR software adoption is a trend and why it’s a trend. Smart business people are understanding their competitive landscape better and realizing that their employees are their greatest business asset. Web-based HR software can help you improve how you manage with the ultimate goal of growing a powerful workforce.

Take a visit to our HR software homepage and learn about Staff Squared via videos, demos and fact sheets that make this software a key business asset.

We’re in the digital age, and it isn’t just big corporations that can enjoy leading edge software solutions.  Enjoy the small business advantage you’ll get with Staff Squared HR software.

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