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How to Convince your Boss to Invest in HR

Staff Squared date icon22nd October 2012

Tag iconOperations

Although HR is considered a touchy-feely people-oriented department, it can have an enormous need for technology solutions to help manage employee recruitment, benefits and payroll, among other things.  How do you convince senior management that the company can benefit from such a large investment? How can you ease integration into the company’s other systems if applicable?

Most of the time finding a HR solution to resolve long term pain points is not a priority.  Companies of all sizes tend to make do with spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases a friend’s nephew created for them.

Just as with any “sale” there is a requirement for needs analysis (asking questions), developing a plan to provide a solution to meet these needs (in this case the HR software), and completion of cost/benefit analysis to show the potential return on investment (ROI) of moving forward with a HR solution.

The best place to start is to ask  those in charge, perhaps your head of HR or your boss, what their greatest challenges are with regards to managing their employee base and in working with HR.  This allows you to identify a specific set of wants and needs that can be used to paint a picture of what life will be like once you have HR software in place.

For example: if there is no HR software in place, there are most likely challenges tracking the cost/benefit of managing the company’s employee base.

Also, how are reports being delivered?  Does HR have to run all reports for the management team or does the management team have access to data at their fingertips?  Do employees have to come to HR to fill out a form to make changes to their own data (address changes, name changes, benefit enrolments  etc.) or do they have direct access to control and verify the accuracy of their own data?

One of the biggest challenges we face here at Staff Squared is that HR is not considered integral to the success of the business.  If the people in charge of a company do not see a potential new HR solution addressing the needs of the company, it’s likely that it will not be considered any further.  With every department in organisations competing over a limited budget, it’s essential that you show how you are planning to resolve specific issues the management team are either currently facing or may face because of future plans/changes in the company. It’s important to provide specific examples of how a HR system will allow the business to benefit in a wider sense, in addition to solving HR specific pain points.  Ultimately, by painting a picture of what life will be like once you have a HR system in place, you are more likely to succeed in “making the sale” for a new HR software application.

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