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Staff Squared Product Update: September ’12

Staff Squared date icon12th September 2012

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We’ve been working hard on Staff Squared here at Atlas HQ and in addition to numerous tweaks, enhancements and fixes we’ve added some neat functionality to Staff Squared that we released live this week.  There’s still plenty more in the pipeline, scroll down to see our planned features:

Calendar integration

Want to display your Staff Squared calendar in your Outlook or Google Calendar? Just click Subscribe to iCal feed in the top right hand corner of the company calendar page. To use Google Calendars, follow these instructions.

Getting Lost?

Our new interactive tour will take you around all the whizzy features of Staff Squared. You can start the tour from the top right hand cog when logged in as an administrator.

New staff profile fields

We’ve added new fields such as NI number, ethnicity and sex on the staff profile page. Admins and managers are now notified when a member of staff edits their personal information.

Backup your documents

You can now download all of your company documents using the download all link at the bottom of the company documents page.

Privacy settings

We’ve added enhanced privacy settings giving you even more control over the information you share with your staff.

Upcoming features

We’ve been talking with dozens of Staff Squared customers and armed with your feedback we’re working on some exciting new features due to be released in the coming months.  Have your say on new Staff Squared features by visiting our forums and adding your ideas. If other Staff Squared users love your idea, they’ll upvote it and so will we!

We’re currently working on the following features due for release soon:

  • Document read notifications: Upload documents and request that your staff confirm they have read them, ensuring you keep an all important audit trail when legislation changes take place
  • SMS integration: Send a message to all of your staff at once using our unique company broadcast feature
  • Milestone alerts: Set notifications when staff in your organisation have been employed for a specific length of time. Useful for managing staff induction and benefits.
  • Training / qualifications: Keep track of your staff training and receive prompts when training certifications are due to expire
  • Advanced holiday and sick leave management: including support for shift patterns and advanced reporting

Get in touch and tell us what you think!

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