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Free Employee Onboarding Checklist

Staff Squared date icon17th February 2014

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UPDATE: Since we wrote this blog post we’ve added staff onboarding checklists to Staff Squared. They automatically manage all of the onboarding processes so you don’t have to. Check them out!

If you’re  here for the free on-boarding check list, scroll down to get to the download link at the end of the article.

Having a pre-defined employee onboarding process isn’t just useful for you the employer, it will make life easier for the new starter too. They’re going to feel completely disorientated when they first arrive, so having a structure in place to systematically onboard them ensures that all the important points are covered.

Onboarding starts before their first day

It’s important to recognise that the process for onboarding a new member of staff starts as soon as an offer of a job is made.  HR software and other related applications can also be deployed ahead of time. Automated systems are especially useful because onboarding requires the involvement of multiple departments within a company, all working together to welcome and engage a new employee, to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible from Day One. The right technology can help coordinate various individuals and tasks by taking care of paperwork electronically, or sending notifications alerting IT support staff to configure a new hire’s laptop and mobile phone.

Give new starters structure and a point of contact

Even the most proficient employees need their hand held for the first couple of months.  Larger companies often have systems and structure in place, so the smaller your business, the more likely it is that they will need thorough guidance covering how things are done.

Assigning a buddy to the new starter will give them a point of contact for all questions large and small. The buddy may not have all of the answers, but that’s not really the point. They’re there as a friendly face, a point of contact and to support the new starter in getting their feet under the desk as quickly as possible.

First impressions really do count, so the more help a new starter has to get things right first time, the more likely it is that they will be accepted with open arms in to your team.

Here at Staff Squared we set up weekly mentoring meetings for the first three months of any new employee’s time here. This might be overkill for your organisation but we find that regular contact helps to prevent problems from occurring and speeds up the onboarding process.

Review your new employee’s progress

It’s important to review at the end of the first week and the end of the first month to obtain feedback from the new hire to see how they feel they’re getting on. This gives the manager the opportunity to correct any issues.
When you’ve spent long a long time looking for the right hire it’s a no-brainer to make sure ring them in to your company in the way that gives them the most chance to succeed. We’re sure you’ll find the steps in our sample template easy to follow and your new hires will be grateful you’ve put the effort in!
Here’s the checklist that we currently use for onboarding Staff Squared hires.  We hope you find it useful!
Free employee onboarding checklist
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