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Ingenious Job Applications

Staff Squared date icon26th February 2013

Tag iconSmall Business

Gone are the days when applying for a job was a simple case of drafting a cover letter, enclosing your CV, popping it in the post and crossing your fingers and toes.  Competition in the job market is fiercer than ever, and as a result job applicants are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve been collecting the most innovative and out of the box job application ideas below. Have you received any fancy job applications?  Let us know in the comments below!

The chocolate bar

Chocolate bar resume

This application for a job stood out. Perfect for its target audience, chock full of vapid, meaningless buzzwords but we’re reliably informed that the applicant got the job! We wonder if the applicant was asked to bring more copies of their resume to the job interview…

The infographic

infographic resume


Customising your resume according to your industry is a great way to attract attention from the recruiters who are used to wading through mountains of text heavy documents. This example, sent in for a job at an animation company, demonstrates passion, ability and enthusiasm for his art. If you’re thinking about taking a similar approach, be sure to have a more “traditional” resume lined up ready to go just in case they follow up.

The minimalist approach

Minimalist resume

So you’ve launched your first start up and it’s been a fly away success. Chances are you don’t need to list your hobbies and education history in the event that you’ve made millions from your first exit. Take the following example from Sergey (co-founder of Google), who is about as likely to need a resume as the Queen of England is likely to require an ID card!

The posh envelope

Posh envelope resume


Sometimes it isn’t the resume itself that catches the recruiter’s eye but instead the letter, or in the following case, the ornate box! The following example was sent in to games maker Blizzard by a wannabe game designer. It goes to show, anybody can apply for a job, and many have qualifications, but this demonstrates motivation and enthusiasm. It shows a willingness to go that extra step, which is worth 10 times more than simply being technically qualified.

The box will almost certainly catch Blizzard’s attention (or cause a bomb scare!).  For extra points –  go the extra mile by turning up to deliver the box in costume.

Phil Dub resume

The honey pot

Historically branding has always been left to the big corps – the Nikes and Apples of the world. In more recent times job applicants are taking lessons learned by the big players and applying it to their search for a job. These people are defining their own “personal brand”, with incredible results.

Rather than attempting to spam the inboxes of all and sundry clever applicants are turning the job application process on its head using the web, and more specifically social media, to attract potential job positions to them.  Take this example from Phil Dub – who set up the website

The failure

The failed resume

Sadly not all resumes are created equal – and this lacklustre example ticks all of the boxes for being perhaps one of the worst examples we’ve seen. Crammed full of spelling and grammatical errors and poorly laid out – this CV is going nowhere fast.

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