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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’14

Staff Squared date icon15th January 2014

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Hello!  Welcome to the first “real” week of the year. The rest of them were just a test, so let’s let them go and move on shall we?

We have some incredibly exciting news that we’re going to be shouting about in the coming weeks, including a complete refresh of the Staff Squared user interface, and some sweet sweet functionality that you’ve been asking for. On that note, if you’re interested in giving us feedback on what to add next head over to our forums and vote for the features you want to see!

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to recently…

We’ve added the ability to override the default options for who manages holiday leave for a person

So up until this release holiday/vacation and sickness requests from staff were always sent to their line manager and admins for approval. While this worked for most companies, some of our customers wanted to be able to override this for certain members of staff. They also wanted to be able to define who admins should have their holiday approved by, rather than just auto-approving their holiday.

So how does this work! Well like everything else in Staff Squared it’s dead simple. Just add the staff you wish to appoint as approvers in to a group from the staff directory page. Then head over the settings tab for an individual member of staff and select the group or groups you wish to define as holiday approvers. It’s that simple, you can find a detailed step by step guide over here.

You can now add holidays to previous holiday periods and add appraisals in the past

Clearly we used to be against logging things in the past! That’s now all behind us, as we have now changed our ways and it’s possible for admins to create holidays in the past. It’s also possible to create appraisals in the past for logging purposes. We hope you all find this useful.

Various minor fixes and improvements

  • You can now upload open office document formats to shared files (yeah, we don’t know why we used to block those either)
  • You can now add your website to your company profile
  • The office each staff member works in now appears in their profile header
  • The backspace key wasn’t working in the “Duration (Days)” field of Adjust absence for our customers using FireFox
  • We’ve added Malaysian Ringit to our list of supported currencies
  • And a whole bunch of minor layout fixes (especially for FireFox users!)

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