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Product update: March ’14

Staff Squared date icon27th March 2014

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Hey Staff Squared fans, despite spring looking to have given us a wide berth again here in the UK we’ve been hard working on new features. Our focus has been on giving you more flexibility and control in Staff Squared. Check it out…

Admins can now turn off approval notification e-mails

Previously administrators were informed about all holiday and sick leave requests, but now we’ve given them the power to reduce the number of notifications they get by turning off all notifications, or only receiving notifications for their direct reports.  Admins will find this setting on the Settings tab in their profile drop down:

You can then amend your notification preferences here:


Don’t need a self-certification form? No problem, you can now turn this feature off

Some organisations don’t require their employees to complete a self-certification form in the event that they have time off for sick leave, so we’ve given you the ability to turn the self-certification feature off if it’s not something you need. You’ll find this new setting here under the heading of Sickness:

Hide Staff Squared features you don’t use

Some of our customers don’t wish to use all of the functionality Staff Squared has to offer, and that’s absolutely fine by us as we want you to get the most out of our app for your particular needs. To aid this, you can now disable the features you no longer wish to use. Just head over to this settings page and untick the items under the Features heading that you don’t wish to see and use.

That’s it for now, we’re finalising the work to launch the ability to manage absence for staff in hours and days.  We’ll update you all again as soon as this feature is released.

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