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Staff Squared Goals make Performance Management a Breeze

Staff Squared date icon2nd February 2015

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Would you believe us if we told you that Staff Squared will make managing goals you set for your staff during appraisals effortless? What if we told you Staff Squared will chase staff for updates on their goals too? It’s almost magical!

So let’s set the scene, you meet with your staff regularly to review their performance. But what happens in between meetings once the goals have been set? How do you stay on top of them? Do you find yourself nagging? Yes? Not cool…

Chasing up goals is time consuming for managers and frankly there are more important jobs they could be getting on with.

Enter – Staff Squared Goals!

Step 1 – Create company objectives

It’s a good idea to have company objectives that your goals are then linked to. Setting down company objectives in Staff Squared means that your staff can see them, and understand what you’re all trying to achieve. More importantly, you can then tie the goals you create for staff directly to company objectives. This ensures that staff understand the context within which the goals you set them are defined and how they’re contributing to your overall company objectives.

Setting company objectives is dead simple, here’s how:

Click on Objectives on the left hand side menu, and then Add/Edit objectives

add objectives
Add as many new company objectives as you wish, and optionally set a date for each objective. Setting a time constraint is always a good idea so objectives don’t drag on. Once you’re done click Save objectives:

S2 goals No 2
Now you’ve defined your company objectives you can create goals that link to them.

Step 2 – Create a goal

Creating a goal is dead simple.  Just click Create goal and enter a name and description.  For example, you might create a goal as follows:

Here’s how you can create your own goals…

Click on Goals in the left hand menu and then Create a goal.  Goals can be public (visible to everybody in your company so anybody can contribute) or private (only visible to people who you specifically select as contributors). Once you’ve decided on public versus private, enter the name of your goal, a brief description, align it with the appropriate company objectives and decide on the frequency of the reminders you would like to receive (we recommend monthly to start with), then click Next.

Goals Step 1

Now you need to decide who will contribute to this goal. Click on the staff members in the right hand column that you would like to contribute. Also, don’t forget to check the box that you want to follow the goal and receive regular updates. Then click Next

Goals Step 2

Step 3 – Define goal tasks

Finally you need to add your tasks and final goal due date. These individual tasks make up the individual steps required to complete the goal. Once all of this information is complete, just click on Create goal

Goals Step 3


No more nagging staff for updates, Staff Squared will chase your staff for updates according to the frequency you set on the goal. Now you just need to work out what to do with your freed up time!

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