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Setting Effective Company Objectives to Deliver Success

Staff Squared date icon2nd July 2012

Tag iconManaging staff, Operations

Company objectives can initially be difficult to set or quantify.

The best way to start creating an objective is to apply the SMART technique.

So what is SMART?

Well, applying SMART sets the parameters and scope of an objective, which increases the chance of it being successfully delivered and is also considered an effective way to give the objective meaning.

SMART stands for:


The objective will more likely be successful because it is clear so you know exactly what the target is.


You can measure completion and tell when achievement is reached.


The objective is more likely to be reached as the target required is realistic.


The objective content will matter and be linked to the business, team or individual.


An appropriate deadline provides the direction of focus to the tasks required to complete the objective.

Objectives should be aligned with the achievement of your overall business plan strategy.  Individual objectives should be jointly set and agreed between the manager and employee. They also need to represent the typical expectations in terms of scope, responsibility and accountability for the position.

Objectives should not be a task list, but instead focussed on a realistic overview of work priorities.

There are three types of objectives to consider:


These are targets that you set yourself as your contribution to achieve your team’s objectives and delivering the business objectives within area of responsibility.


Objectives which will support the development of your team or it´s service delivery to the business.

These are often behavioural and you need to clearly describe what success looks like.


Ask yourself: what skills do I need to improve to be able to deliver my functional and team objectives?

Using this initial guide will put you on the path to create objectives that will really impact on individual, team and company success!

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