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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’14 – Part 2

Staff Squared date icon30th January 2014

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We’ve taken advantage of the horrible weather here in the UK by burying ourselves in tea, biscuits and code to make the Staff Squared you know and love a million times better. “How?” I hear you all scream…Well we’ve completely revamped the entire layout to make everything easier to access and that’s just for starters.

With this release now live we can now work on finalising the one feature you’ve all been crying out for – working patterns. Working patterns will allow you to define when your staff work and update their holiday allowance accordingly using pro-rata calculations you currently perform manually. It’s going to be a huge time saver for you all. Anyway, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here’s the good stuff in the current release.

A new, easier to use layout

We’ve been testing the new layout internally for about a month now, and as a result everybody here hates going back to the old interface. Praise doesn’t come much higher, and we hope that you’re going to feel exactly the same once you settle in to the new look.

Everything is now easier to get to, permissions are clearer, additional wording has been added around the app for clarity, and the search box at the top makes getting to all of your staff a snap.

Staff search

The top of Staff Squared now features a handy search box, start typing the name of one of your employees and they’ll appear in the drop down so you can get to their details faster than ever.

Clearer permissions and avatar overlays

Admins and managers are now clearly highlighted via the little icon overlay on their picture.

Admins are all given a shield:

Managers have a little emblem of their own too:

very page in the app now contains a small key in the top right hand corner, hover over the key to see exactly what you and your managers and staff are able to see and do on the page.

 Filtering on the calendar and calendar sync

We know you love the calendar but sometimes when there is a lot going on in there it’s difficult to navigate. We heard you and we’ve added filtering both in the calendar, and as part of the sync to your GCal, Outlook or favourite calendar application. You can now filter by department and office so you only ever see the information that matters to you.

You’ll find the filters for the sync just by clicking the Sync button at the top of the calendar page:


Employee IDs

Most of the time you will have your own unique ID for a member of staff, and it’s right that this should be stored in Staff Squared. So we added a field just for such a piece of data.  You can find the employee ID field under the salary, compensation and payroll heading in the personnel info tab.

Dismiss the getting started page

You can access our support team from anywhere in the app using the nifty support tab, which is now visible on the right hand side of every page in the app:

We know change can be a pain, so if there’s anything at all you need us for just click support tab and we’ll get right back to you.

We hope that you enjoy using the new look Staff Squared as much as we enjoyed creating it.  As always, if you have any feedback please do get in touch.

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