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Staff Squared Product Update: November ’13

Staff Squared date icon27th November 2013

Tag iconProduct

We’ve just made three month’s worth of improvements, let’s go through a few!

Staff Squared just got more social

To optimise staff communication we’ve updated the wall feature. Before, only admins and managers could leave comments on a staff member’s wall. Now anyone can comment on any wall. Not only that, we’ve also added some new fields to the profile page and split it into two sections, public and private, so it’s clearer to see which information will be visible to all staff.

Are your staff party animals?

With the new sick leave chart, you’ll be able to see which days of the week your staff most frequently take off. So if the new guy likes to party hard on Sundays and call in sick on Mondays, you’ll soon see the pattern emerging (this is obviously just an example, please talk to your staff before accusing them of having a night-life).

We know how you love a report…

so we added some more!
We now generate nine reports so you can get a better understanding of staff sickness, holidays, salaries, objectives, goals and thanks!

International public holidays

You can now import the public holidays of over 50 countries straight into your Staff Squared calendar. This will be handy for those of you who have offices in multiple countries.  Staff Squared is clever enough to know where staff are based and only factor in public holidays relevant to their country. Neat huh?

Add multiple offices

If your company has multiple offices, you can now add each office and assign your staff to the office they work in. You can then filter staff by office in your staff directory, which makes managing your staff that much simpler.

Goal tracking is now even more powerful

Our goal system has always been one of our favourite features and now it’s better than ever. This month we focused on the goal “wall”. Not only can you post updates to the wall, now automatic notifications are added when the goal is created, when contributors are added and when tasks are added or complete.


Well that’s all for the main updates this month, but you may notice we’ve also made a few other little tweaks and improvement around the app. We hope these changes give you an all-round lovelier HR experience.

What should I do now?

If you don’t already have an account, try it out for free!  If you have any feedback, ideas or criticisms we’d be happy to hear from you. Get in touch:

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