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Staff Squared Product Update: May ’14

Staff Squared date icon19th May 2014

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Hello there! As always we’ve been continuing to make improvements to Staff Squared, here’s just a few of the many things we’ve released this month…

The cost of sick leave

The sick report has been updated to include departments, salaries and the cost each absence has on your company (so long as departments and salaries have been entered for the staff who have been off sick). This allows you to see which department has the most costly time off, which you can then address accordingly.

Take a look at your updated report here.



Self-certifications can now be completed by managers and admins

By default, when a staff member returns to work after being off sick, they are required to fill in a self-certification form. Previously, this form could only be completed by that member of staff. Now however, admins and managers can complete self-certification forms on behalf of their staff.



Calendar flags

If your company operates across multiple countries then this one’s for you! We’ve added flag icons to bank holidays in the calendar so you can see which country a bank holiday applies to.

Also, you can now click a bank holiday to see if it deducts from staff holiday when booking time off on that day.


Prettier notification emails

Our old emails were purely text-based, so we’re given them a bit of a spruce! We hope you’ll find your new notification emails easier to read and altogether more pleasant to look at.


What’s next?

Our next feature is one we’re all really excited about… working hours.

Working hours will allow you to properly manage any staff that don’t work the standard 9am – 5pm. So if you have a member of staff that only works 4 hours a day, all of their holiday will now be calculated with that in mind.

It’s a feature that we know many of you have been waiting for so it really is our highest priority. Expect to see it around the end of June!

Well that’s all for now, if you have an idea that you think will improve Staff Squared, please visit our forum and let us know.

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