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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’18

Staff Squared date icon29th December 2017

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Happy New Year! You may have noticed we had a quiet 2017, and didn’t put out as many updates as you may have become accustomed to. That’s because we’ve undertaken huge amount of preparatory work for all the amazing enhancements you can expect form Staff Squared in 2018. The list of improvements we can now make is huge, so for now we’ll tease you with the top three highlights:

  • A new responsive user interface for Staff Squared making it even easier to use and navigate
  • A renewed focus on keeping your business safe, compliant and ahead of legislation. GDPR is a key component of what we’re working on here, but we’re going to take helping you stay compliant to a new level with some of the features we’re going to provide
  • Bigger, better and more dynamic reporting that is infinitely customisable

On top of all this behind the scenes work we’ve still managed to get some smaller updates out to you this month.

NEW! Ability to select which events are pulled through to your synced calendar

Until now it wasn’t possible to customise your calendar feed, and if you synchronised Staff Squared with Outlook, Google Calendar or your preferred calendar it was an all or nothing affair.

You can now select which events from your Staff Squared calendar, will show in your synced calendar. For example, you might decide to only synchronise holidays to your external calendar. Neat!

NEW! Ability to filter terminated employees from reports

Sometimes you only wish to include current staff in your reports but until now this wasn’t possible.  It’s now possible to run various reports excluding ex-employees.

Wishing you a very prosperous and healthy 2018. Expect to hear from us with more exciting updates soon!

Written by Sherree Tibbs

Customer Care Team Manager - Staff Squared

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