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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’16 – Part 2

Staff Squared date icon20th January 2016

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Welcome to the second product update of January 2016. We’ve been working hard as always and have recently released even more changes that we’d like to share with you this month. We hope you like them!

View the organisation chart in full screen

This is something that’s been requested a few times and rightly so! You can now view your organisation chart in a snazzy full screen mode. Keep in mind, that depending on your company structure (and your monitor size), you may still need to scroll a bit to see your entire chart, but you’ll now be able to see a much larger area at a time.

To view your org chart in full screen mode, hop on over to your Org chart and then just click the little maximise icon in the top right corner. To stop being in full screen mode, click that same icon again.

We’re also working on making your org chart printable. So you’ll be able to print it off and take it to a meeting, tape it to a wall, frame it, whatever you want! This isn’t ready just yet, but will be with you in the next 2 – 4 weeks.


NEW: Lateness overview report

We’ve added a new report called “Lateness overview”, you can find this under the Absence reports heading on your Report page. This new report lets you see how many hours of lateness each employee has had within your selected time period. For example, the screenshot below shows that Andrew Jones had 25 minutes of lateness for the whole of 2015, which cost the company £6.39. Not bad, Andrew. Not bad.


NEW: Slack integration!

Do you use Slack? We do, which is why this change was really a little treat for ourselves! For those of you who don’t know, Slack is an instant messaging system (similar to Skype) which is really gaining in popularity amongst businesses. We love Slack and use it every day to communicate with each other without having to yell across the office! You can check out Slack here if you’re interested.

Okay, so in what way have we integrated with Slack? Well, to start with we’ve just added one feature. You can set up Staff Squared to post your daily summary to a slack channel of your choosing. So you’ll be able to check Slack to find out who’s off and any events happening today, instead of checking your email or logging into Staff Squared. Pretty cool.

To set this up for your account go to the Reminders tab on your Company settings page and click the “Add to Slack” button.
You need to have Admin rights on both Slack and Staff Squared to be able to set this up.

If you’re a Slack fan and would like to see Staff Squared post other information to your Slack channels, please let us know!

Perform bulk updates of staff info quickly and easily

If you’ve ever wanted to add, edit or remove profile information across your entire staff, you may have found it quite time consuming to go to each individual employee’s profile. Well, now you have the option to export everybody’s info into one lovely spreadsheet, which you can then edit and re-import back to Staff Squared.

When you re-import your spreadsheet, Staff Squared will magically update everybody’s profiles to reflect the changes you made. Pretty cool, huh?

You can download your spreadsheet from three places:

  • Via the Staff directory page, click the “Export staff” button in the sidebar on the right.
  • Via the Reports page, click “Staff export” under the Staff reports heading.
  • Via the Import page, click the “Export your current staff” button.

To re-import your changes, click the “Import staff” button in the sidebar on your Staff directory page and follow the import steps.


Remove staff groups from the staff directory page

We’ve made group management a little bit easier. If you’re looking at your Staff directory and notice someone is in the wrong group you can now remove them from the group without having to go into their profile. Just click the little cross next to the group name. Only managers and admins can add or remove groups – managers only being able to remove groups from staff they manage.

Don’t forget, to add staff to a group, tick the little box next to each of the staff members you want to group together, then click the “Add to group” tab that appears at the top of the page. Type in an existing or new group name to add the selected staff to that group.


We’re here to help!

As always, if you have any questions about any of the new changes, please get in touch! You can email our fantastic support team at:

All the best,
The Staff Squared Team

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