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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’13

Staff Squared date icon16th January 2013

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We’ve been working hard over the holidays adding new features to Staff Squared.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

A new and improved look across the app and updated dashboard

Our chief designer has been working hard to refine the overall look of the app. You’ll find that every screen of the app has been tweaked and beautified. We’ve also added some useful new metrics on your dashboard including who’s off today and your absence metrics.

Document tagging for better document organisation

In the same way you can group staff, it’s now possible to tag your documents to group and organise them.

Document read and expiry notifications

Now when you upload a document via the company documents page you can request that all staff confirm they have read the document. You can also set an expiry date for a document and Staff Squared will automatically remind you that you need to update it. Ideal for documents that need to be updated on a regular basis!

Streamlined holiday and sickness

The entire holiday and sickness management functionality in Staff Squared has been refined and now operates much more smoothly.

Delete staff

It has always been possible to archive staff. Now your company settings page allows you to permanently delete staff if you wish to remove them completely.

Check out our Staff Squared feature roadmap!

We love to hear from our Staff Squared fans, please drop us a line and tell us what you want from Staff Squared.

We’ve recently published the Staff Squared roadmap so you can see what we’re working on at all times!  Have your say on new Staff Squared features by visiting our forums and adding your ideas. If other Staff Squared users love your idea, they’ll upvote it and so will we!

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