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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’15

Staff Squared date icon27th January 2015

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Howdy! Has 2015 been kind to you? Unemployment is down in the UK so that’s a good thing right? It snowed in January (a bit late for Christmas but what can you do) and last but not least, we’ve got a tonne of new updates for you!

Google Drive integration

It’s always nice when we get the opportunity to innovate for our customers. We’re the first HR software app to integrate with Google Apps, which means you can now store files that are located in Google Apps in your shared files and on employee files too!

Just like everything else in Staff Squared it’s ridiculously easy to use, you simply head over to the shared or employee files section, click upload file and select Google Drive. Select the file you wish to link to and Staff Squared handles the rest. You can still take advantage of the useful Staff Squared file expiry dates and read request functionality for Google Docs.



Ability to go back over years on holiday and sick summary report

It was a question we were constantly asked…”How do I go back to previous years on the holiday summary report?”. And the answer was that you couldn’t, but not any more. You can now skip back in to previous years to your heart’s content. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding even more granular reporting options here too.


Ability to select Everyone throughout the app rather than having to select individuals

When you want to book time off for everyone in your company, or give thanks or create a goal for everyone it can get arduous selecting everybody individually. Well that’s no longer the case, and you can now simply select Everyone from the staff selector and it’ll include all of the people in your company. Neat eh?



A new service report

A complete summary of your staff including when they started, how long they’ve worked and where applicable their termination details all in one handy little report. Neat!



Other various tweaks and enhancements:

  • Holiday and sickness widgets on profiles are now higher up and 100% more accessible! (Which is good because they’re very useful)
  • Company invites are now sent to people added to events
  • More information now included in the calendar feed, including work anniversaries, birthdays and probation end dates
  • The bank holiday feature has been improved, and is now easier to use

We’re performing more regular updates throughout February, so if there’s a feature you’re excited to see us release fear not, it’ll be with you very soon!

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