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Staff Squared Product Update: August ’15

Staff Squared date icon20th August 2015

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It’s a bumper release this month! The more eagle eyed amongst you will already have noticed the new and faster profile pages that we launched under the radar a few weeks ago. Building on that we’ve just added a number of new and exciting features…

NEW! Staff benefit and bonus tracking on staff profiles

We’ve decided to split personal and job information on staff profiles. You’ll find new tabs called Personal and Job. The job tab contains job specific information such as job title, probation date and salaries.

We’ve also added new features to the job tab, and you can now track bonuses and benefits such as childcare or gym membership. It’s completely customisable so you can add benefits that match those on offer in your company.

Our new dedicated benefits report allows you to see benefits provided to all employees between two dates – very useful for P11D returns! Check out benefit reporting here.

Managing benefits in Staff Squared

NEW! Notes tab on staff profiles

There are times when you need to jot a note on an employee’s profile that you don’t want anybody else to see. The wall wasn’t a good enough location for that type of sensitive information, so we’ve added a dedicated notes tab just for this purpose.

Adding notes to staff profiles

NEW! Auto-calculate holiday owed to leavers

When a member of staff leaves your company it’s often the case that they haven’t used all their holiday, but calculating how much they’re due can be a pain.

To help here we’ve added a nifty holiday owed calculator which appears when you terminate a member of staff. Just enter their termination date as usual and Staff Squared will work out how much holiday they’re entitled to be paid for or take off prior to their departure.

The iPhone app is here!

The Staff Squared mobile app is now available on iPhones and iPads! Get it here…

Staff Squared mobile HR app

What next?

Most of you will know that we recently set up a customer focus group to help guide us in the development of timesheets. This is the first time we’ve asked for customers to engage with us around the development of a new feature, and it’s proved extremely useful. So much so, we intend to take the same approach when implementing any large change or addition to Staff Squared.

We’ve listened to you. We know that Staff Squared’s reporting needs to be better and more dynamic, and so that’s what we’re setting our sights on after timesheets. To make sure we get it right we’re going to set-up another customer focus group. If you’d like to join or tell us how you think reporting can be improved to better suit your needs please hit reply and let us know.

We’re here to help!

We’re performing more regular updates so if there’s a feature you’re excited to see us release fear not, it’ll be with you very soon! As always if you have any feedback please head over to our forums.

Got any questions about this or any other Staff Squared features? Just drop a line and we’ll get straight back to you.

All the best,
The Staff Squared Team

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