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Staff Squared Product Update: April ’16

Staff Squared date icon21st April 2016

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We’re on a non-stop mission to save our small business customers time and unnecessary hassle when it comes to managing their staff. This month’s gift to our customers is (drum roll please)…expense management! You can now manage staff expenses through Staff Squared at no extra cost.

Sue, our office manger, loves filling out forms and hunting down tatty receipts (Not!). So she is especially pleased that we’ve removed one of the last remaining paper-based processes from her work life.

As with all things Staff Squared, we’ve designed expenses with small businesses in mind. We’re not using a sledgehammer to crack a nut with this new feature but likewise, we’ve not tried to over simplify a process that can actually be fairly complicated. We hope you agree but as always we’d love your feedback.

As a small business we wanted to move the management of expenses online so that we could:

1. Automagically remind staff when the company’s expenses deadline is approaching

If you have a regular expense cycle, for example, you have a monthly expenses submission deadline or always pay expenses on the 25th of a month, you can set this in Staff Squared and we’ll automatically remind your staff of their expense deadlines.

If you manage expenses on an ad-hoc basis that’s absolutely fine, you can ignore the reminder feature.

2. Provide staff with an easy to use platform for submitting their expense claims

Your staff can now submit expenses by heading over to the new expenses tab on their staff profile where they should click the button “Submit expense” and complete the form. As an admin, manager or expense approver, you can also submit expense claims on behalf of your team.
There are three main types of expense that can be submitted:

General – these are things like accommodation, office items and chocolate. Chocolate is expensable right?

Mileage – for work journeys made in the staff member’s car. The user just enters the number of miles travelled and Staff Squared calculates the cost based on how much your company pays per mile either side of the 10,000 mile threshold. Admins will need to configure the initial mileage rates for different vehicle types, staff and so on according to company policy.

Travel – these are expenses incurred when staff make a work related journey using some other means of travel. Here, instead of adding their mileage count, they’d simply enter their journey details and associated costs.
For each expense type you’re able to add your own categories which you can do from the Expenses tab on the company setting page.

So for example:

Mileage – you may pay a different mileage rates to different staff depending upon role or circumstance. You can add a new mileage type of say “Car – Director level” and set the correct mileage rates.

Travel – most companies will add and use Taxi, Train and Flight but you can add a custom travel type of say Rocket flight if you need to.

General – you can add all other categories here. Milk, stationery, books, that chocolate we mentioned, the possibilities are endless…


3. Keep one eye on staff mileage counts and expense payments

Depending upon any expense claims approved and adjustments made by users, Staff Squared will keep a yearly count of accumulated mileage by staff member so everyone knows when they’re crossing that all important threshold.

We’ve also added a report on expenses payments and you can export that information to share where necessary.

4. Enable admins and managers to approve or reject expense claims easily

When an expense has been submitted managers, expenses approvers or admins will have the ability to approve or reject the submission. You decide the amount the company is prepared to pay for those occasions where you may want to pay more or less than the claim asked for.

5. Help admins compile all the relevant information and send it over to payroll so staff get paid on time

You will find a new expense report on your reports page. This will help you get all the information you need over to payroll at the right time. Never miss that deadline again!

We’re here to help!

For more information on how to set-up and use expenses then please head over to our Knowledge Base or contact our support team for assistance.

We adopt an incremental approach to the addition of new features in Staff Squared. This is the first version of expenses in Staff Squared.

Once you’ve had a chance to use it please let us know what you think, and how we can improve it, and we’ll continue to refine where necessary!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

All the best,
The Staff Squared Team

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