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New Feature: Track Staff Lateness

Staff Squared date icon16th February 2015

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We know that staff getting in to work late is a pain. It’s one of those things that can really grind your gears as a manager. We could (and certainly will) write an entire entry on our guide to managing staff about the process you should follow for managing staff who are routinely late.

However in the meantime we’re happy to announce that Staff Squared now lets you log and report on staff lateness. We’re the first HR app to provide lateness tracking, which is nice. Along with the Google Drive integration we released in January that’s our second market leading feature this year, and there’s plenty more lined up!

Anyway enough about us. What does lateness tracking in Staff Squared do for you?

Quickly and easily track staff lateness

We know you’re already silly busy and juggling a million things so we’ve made entering lateness dead simple. You just fire up the profile of the late staff member, click Record lateness on the new Lateness tab and enter their start time, the actual time they arrived, and why they were late. Simple.

Entering lateness

Get important information about lateness so you can identify trends

As you add lateness to a staff profile Staff Squared shows key information about that staff member’s lateness patterns and its impact on your business.  This includes:

  • The total number of times late
  • The total time and cost of the lateness entered
  • The most common days they’re late

All of this information is really useful to you as a manager in helping to understand if there are any patterns in their lateness that you can use to help your staff member to resolve the problem. In the event that the lateness issue cannot be resolved, these records are also essential if you have to take disciplinary action.

Staff lateness overview

Set down lateness limits that send e-mails to line managers or admins

You might decide that there are a maximum number of times off late that you can accept before action has to be taken. Staff Squared will keep track of this for you, and generate e-mails to line managers and admins if these limits are exceeded. Neat eh?

Report to your managers/HR department for lateness across your entire team

Need a report for lateness between two dates for the entire company, or perhaps just a department? No problem. The lateness report lets you access this information in a couple of clicks of a mouse button and exports to Excel as you would expect.
So there you have it, another day, another new feature. As always we want your feedback on this and all other aspects of Staff Squared. If you’ve got any questions or feedback whatsoever just get in touch over here.

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