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Staff Squared Product Update: June ’18

Staff Squared date icon7th June 2018

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The last few weeks have been full of excitement here at Staff Squared, with the release of a streamlined look for Staff Squared, a sparkling new marketing site and lots of plans for the future.

We have worked tirelessly over the last year to refine the look and feel of Staff Squared, giving you a sleeker and more refined system to work with.

With that out of the way, we have now turned our attention to improving each area of Staff Squared in order of most to least used sections of the application – so it will be of little surprise to hear that our first range of improvements exist primarily within the calendar since this is the core of Staff Squared.  

We’ve added a range of enhancements, driven by both our new in-house designer and valued customer feedback, which we’re always delighted to receive.

Staff Squared’s Latest Additions

Easier To Read Calendar

A number of customers have commented that it was sometimes difficult to read the calendar, and it was required to scroll down the screen in order to view the entire month. We’ve made a number of small but extremely important changes to the look and feel of the calendar to make it easier to take in.

Coming soon: Day and week views to give you even more ways to view your calendar information.

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You can now add Staff to an Existing Event

Up until now, if you created a company event but wanted to add more people to it, you had to delete and recreate the event from scratch.

You can now simply edit existing calendar events to add and remove people from them.


Subscribe to Holiday Approval Notifications

Sometimes, certain members of staff find it useful to receive notifications about the outcome of holiday requests even if they’re not holiday approvers.

To cater for this we’ve added an option to the Settings tab of staff profiles called ‘Send me copies of all holiday and sick leave responses’. Turning this on sends copies of all holiday request responses to the staff member.


Move Effortlessly Between Staff Profiles

A customer approached us with the idea that there should be “next” and “previous” buttons on the employee ‘Files’ page. They specifically wanted to be able to select the Files tab, and then move between profiles one at a time uploading files for each staff member.

We’ve added “next” and “previous” buttons to cater for this, and carried it through the entire staff profile. Staff Squared also remembers what tab you’re on so you don’t have to reselect it each time.


View Sickness Comments on the ‘Sick’ Tab of Staff Profiles

You can now see comments on an employee’s ‘Sick’ tab on their profile; whereas before, you were only able to see the reason for their sickness in this section of the account and needed to find the absence within a report or the company calendar to view any comments.


Only Administrators can now see Ex-Staff Records

Since only administrators can terminate staff, we’ve updated Staff Squared so that only administrators are able to see terminated staff.

Staff and Managers will not be able to see ‘Ex-Staff’


Require that newly Hired Staff Read Files as Part of Their Onboarding

It has always been possible to require that files are read by existing employees.

Any new staff added to your account are now also asked to read any files that are marked as “required reading”.


Coming soon!

As I type this, the designers, developers and testers are finalising another update to the calendar which includes even more useful functionality, including:

  • Day, week and month views.
  • The ability to block holiday requests if they are going to exceed a staff member’s holiday allowance.
  • More detailed audit history on absence requests.
  • More streamlined flows for processing holiday requests.

Keep your feedback coming, we’re always keen to hear from you. You can contact us on


Written by Clarisse Levitan

Customer Care Team - Staff Squared

Clarisse works on our Customer Care Team to provide all of our customers with the very best care and guidance when using their HR software.

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