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HR Online: Your Guide to the Best Resources

Staff Squared date icon22nd January 2016

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Are you managing your HR online? Keep a wide range of resources at hand and you’ll be prepared for any eventuality, from calculating an employee’s take home pay to getting support in the event of a dispute.

More and more people are choosing online HR management to replace the more traditional way of doing things, and they’re finding that everything becomes clearer, more efficient and more reliable when they do.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most valuable HR online resources that you can use at any time, from anywhere.


 At a glance, the ListentoTaxman online salary calculator might not look like one of the most valuable tools for HR online. Take time to look in more detail, and you’ll see exactly why the site claims to be the ‘Number 1 free UK tax calculator since 1998’.

ListentoTaxman holds up-to-date data on taxes and deductions. Input any salary, add some basic details such as age and marital status, and receive accurate calculations to show tax payable, National Insurance rates and gross and net pay by week, month and year.

ListentoTaxman also holds tax and deduction data right back to the turn of the millennium, allowing you to compare figures from various years.


 The Acas website is an extremely valuable online source of information regarding workplace problems and disputes. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do if two employees aren’t getting on, or if there is friction between a worker and a manager, which is where the website for the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service really proves its worth.

As well as providing advice and guidance for a wide range of employee relations topics, the Acas site shows up-to-date news and information, to help you to stay on the right side of the law and to make sure that you’re prepared for any changes. The Acas Helpline is a particularly strong HR online tool which enables you to ask any question and quickly access answers that have been added to the system already.

Staff Squared

 Our very own Staff Squared HR online tool is a full-featured online software option for all of your HR management, from employee holiday and sick day records to staff performance reports. You can access all of your HR records and controls from any device in any location, whilst everything is kept secure and held away from prying eyes.

As well as offering what many agree is the best HR online software (why not try it for free and see for yourself?), we also have an extensive selection of online HR resources including maternity and redundancy calculators, letter templates, ebooks, slideshows and interactive quizzes, all kept on our designated HR resources page.


The official Government website is a hub providing access to all of the GOV.UK departments, services and information pages, many of which can be extremely valuable for managing HR online. The sections for business and employment information are great places to start, but you might also need to dip into other sections of the website covering law, benefits, disability, education and pensions to meet the varied needs of employees.

A quick visit to the GOV.UK website can provide an answer to almost any question about HR and management, from Health and Safety requirements to managing a payroll.

Online CV and Job Websites

 If your HR role ever includes involvement in finding and recruiting new staff, then there are many websites that you’ll want to join for ongoing access to a stream of jobseekers.

Headhunting is becoming an increasingly popular way to find new workers, as more and more people turn to websites like LinkedIn to build connections, network and find jobs online. More than ever, finding a job or the right person to fill your vacancy is about who you know – and how connected you are on the World Wide Web.

British Chambers of Commerce

 It’s wise to bookmark the website of your local Chamber of Commerce, or to visit the British Chambers of Commerce site which acts as a central hub. There are relevant news updates posted online along with informative documents and videos.

By visiting your local Chamber of Commerce website rather than the main one, you’ll get news and information that is even more relevant to your business. Your local Chamber might also offer online training or a way to directly contact a local HR expert that will respond to any of your queries.

Why do HR online?

 If you’re still not convinced that HR online can replace more traditional methods, then do take time to visit some of the links and resources in this article. You’ll find a wealth of information along with useful tools that can save you time and effort, whilst maximising productivity.

With the Staff Squared HR online software free trial, you don’t even need to supply your card details. Signing up to see what Staff Squared can offer is completely free of charge for your first 14 days, with no obligation to continue.

You’ll find that managing your HR online will give you access to the answer to every HR question you’ve ever wanted to ask, whilst simultaneously providing the best way to store your HR documents, communicate with employees and manage the more intricate details like salaries and time tracking. What’s more, dealing with your HR online will lead to happier employees as they’ll find it easier to request time off, see their goals and even receive thanks from the boss.

Instant calculations are another benefit of HR online, whether you’re working out how much tax someone pays or finding out how much their sick days are costing the business. Why sit down with a calculator, a pen and a pad of paper, or even work offline in spreadsheets and databases, when with Staff Squared online HR software you can keep everything in one place?

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