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How to get a Free Staff Holiday Planner

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Working as a manager, or working in the HR department, your job will be one that requires many calendars and lists. Keeping track of dates, and remembering who should be in the office and who shouldn’t be showing up for work, is a particularly important task. Here, as an example of the importance of your job, are three potential scenarios:

Scenario 1 – The Understaffed Company

You’ve agreed that John can take a day off, using up some of his holiday entitlement. You’ve also agreed that Jane can take the day off. You’ve left the team a little short staffed, because the pieces of paper strewn across your desk have become a little hard to keep track of.

Scenario 2 – The ‘Day Off’ Call

Sam has taken a day off. Sam’s looking forward to sleeping in until 10am and spending the day with family. Just a few minutes past 9am, Sam’s phone rings and provides a rude awakening. Sam’s manager somehow didn’t get told that Sam had booked the day off, and is calling to find out why she’s not turned up for work.

Scenario 3 – Too Many Holidays

James took a week off work in January, for a post-Christmas holiday with his wife. He took two days off for a festival in June and has taken a number of other days off throughout the year. Now, James is looking forward to Christmas. He plans to take six days off to celebrate the holiday with his family. You approve this, but later realise that Sam has gone over his holiday entitlement because there were problems keeping track.

All of the above scenarios can be avoided with proper planning, accurate recording and easily accessible data and information. Unfortunately, all of these scenarios are also surprisingly common because holiday forms get filed away and people lose track of the details.

Some companies are using files on a PC to store staff holiday information, and may lose data or accidentally overwrite a saved file with one that’s not as complete. Some problems come about when files aren’t properly shared between all of the people that need them. In other cases, people are still recording staff holidays in hard copies locked in a drawer.

A staff holiday planner – in particular one that is online, easy to edit, kept up to date and shared with all of the right people – can solve many HR headaches.

What will a good staff holiday planner do?

Staff holiday planning software should, first and foremost, be functional and fit for purpose. This means that it should be easy to use, easy to edit and easy to keep up to date. HR managers should have no problems quickly checking details, sharing them with team leaders and checking how many days each employee still has in their annual holiday entitlement.

Data privacy and safety, and the ability to quickly generate a report for each staff member, should also be important considerations.

How can you get a free staff holiday planner?

If you think that a helpful staff holiday planner is an expensive addition to your collection of business tools, then it might help to know that they’re available free of charge within online HR software programs. Staff Squared HR software includes a staff holiday planner, and is available with a 14 day free trial complete with all features activated. It’s the best way to see what a staff holiday planner can do for your business.

If you find the software to be valuable, continuing to use Staff Squared will cost you just £3 per registered person, per month. Your staff holiday planner is included within that £3. Each person that you register in your system simply increases your monthly subscription by £3 – there are no other hidden charges, and you can cancel your payment at any time.

What’s included in the Staff Squared staff holiday planner?

Using Staff Squared online HR software, those in charge of approving holidays can quickly see what dates have been requested, how many days of entitlement are still available for each employee and (with the help of an up to date calendar) who has already booked a specific day off work.

A key feature of the Staff Squared staff holiday planner is the ability to set a maximum limit for the number of staff that can take a day off from each department, so that no department is ever left short staffed.

The process for approving holidays can be manual or automated, with links to major calendar software including Outlook and Google Calendar, so that all of the people that need holiday details can be kept firmly in the loop.

On top of everything else, daily summary emails can provide reminders about which members of staff have taken the next day as a holiday, so that nobody needs to receive a call on their morning off. The HR software also includes a handy ‘Who’s out?’ list so that you can check who you won’t find in the office.

Ready to go?

It’ll be easy to convince the person in charge that it’s worth trying Staff Squared. It’s the perfect HR software for small businesses. There are no initial costs, and you can try everything free of charge. If you don’t benefit, simply cancel before your trial comes to an end. If you do benefit, you’ll have 14 days of data and experience with which to calculate your return on investment.

With time-saving tools, a secure place to store employee details and a staff holiday planner that ensures that you’re never left short-staffed, you’ll almost certainly see the benefits of spending just £3 per employee. Streamlining your HR experience is as quick and easy as signing up for a free HR software trial, and seeing what Staff Squared offers.

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