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How to be a Good Boss

Staff Squared date icon13th April 2012

Tag iconManaging staff

It’s a fact – managing people is difficult.  Very few people are born with the skills required to manage staff effectively and, like any skill, management is something that can only be learned through experience and personal development.

We developed Staff Squared with overworked, time-poor managers in mind and, if that includes you, you’ll no doubt be delighted to hear how Staff Squared can assist you.

Let’s go through some of the more common scenarios a small business manager or owner might experience…

“I’m worried that my staff think I’m a bad manager!”

Ah, good old-fashioned paranoia.  No, your staff don’t hate you.  In fact, they probably like you, a lot.   The good news is that with Staff Squared it’s very easy to get feedback from the people you work with.  Use the appraisal appointment reminder system to set up regular reviews and give your people the opportunity to open up to you about their feelings.

“I haven’t got the time to talk with staff”

Yep, we get it, you’re busy.  Communication doesn’t have to be onerous with staff walls in Staff Squared.  Next time a member of your team does something that you appreciate you can quickly let them know by sending them thanks.  If you want to let your entire team know about something important just use the company broadcast system.

“I feel like I’m constantly nagging my staff”

It’s horrible being a nag, isn’t it?  You want to know how a particular project is progressing but interrupting people when they’re so busy doesn’t feel right.  So let’s turn this whole situation on its head using Staff Squared goals.  Set a goal for a member of staff to ask them to get better at attention to detail, or maybe work on improving their communication skills.  Staff Squared will then prompt your staff for updates at a frequency you decide, which means no more nagging!  Awesome.

It’s clear that now more than ever small businesses need a tool to ensure that they are making the best use of their greatest assets.  Our mission has only just begun, and with your help, we are very excited about the future we have planned for Staff Squared.

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