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We’re Hiring a Sales Person for Staff Squared

Staff Squared date icon17th November 2014

Tag iconProduct

We’re on the look out for a new member to join our team working on outbound sales. We want to spread the word about Staff Squared and help more small businesses benefit from Staff Squared. You’ll be tasked with finding and engaging with these potential customers in the UK.

The majority of companies in our target market don’t even know that HR software is a thing. I know, crazy right? So your approach to sales will need to be educational and consultative. Your job will be to highlight the problems they’re already experiencing, and then demonstrate how Staff Squared can fix them and improve their workplace!

Getting started with us…

Month 1

Understand our industry verticals using data we already have to hand
Learn how to use Staff Squared and get to know the team here
Create lists of potential customers in one of our more popular industry verticals and a targeted script for this market
Get under the hood of our life cycle e-mails and the overall process for outbound sales

Month 2

Make contact with potential customers
Continue list building in the one industry vertical
Begin list generation of second vertical, and tweak your scripts to fit the new market

Month 3

The Staff Squared sales cycle is incredibly short, so by now you should be closing a dozen or so accounts per month
Ongoing maintenance and evaluation of lists

Month 4 and onwards

You’re regularly converting potential customers in to happy Staff Squared customers. From here on in the sky is the limit! We’ll seek to understand how we can maximise your potential and how additional resource or tooling can make you even more successful

About you

You are a starter, and a closer. We’ll work the in-betweens to provide the product support you need.

You’re an excellent writer with impeccable spelling and grammar.

You’ll need to adapt to the tone and culture of the Staff Squared product. The bottom line is important, but not as important as delivering value to our customers.

You’ll report to our Founder (Simon – who you can find out more about here: https://www.staffsquared.com/aboutus/)

About the job

We’ll pay you a basic salary and commission on the sales you make.

You don’t need to be in Essex but it’s handy if you are. You do, however, need to be in the UK.

You’re leading the sales drive in a fast growing company. You have the opportunity to help us refine our vision and define the processes to get where we want to go. Very successful candidates will ultimately have a team of people working for them.

Interested in applying?

Below are three things we’d like you to do. Wrap them all up in an email and send them to workwithus@staffsquared.com

Tell us about your sales approach, and your past successes.

Tell us your story, and how you think your experience will benefit Staff Squared.

Send along your résumé with 2 references.

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