Coming Soon: Our No. 1 Requested Feature - Working Patterns! image

Coming Soon: Our No. 1 Requested Feature – Working Patterns!

Staff Squared date icon5th August 2014

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We’ve been quiet but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy…it’s been all hands on deck here updating Staff Squared to support working patterns as this is by far our most requested feature. We’re launching this feature in August, and it’s the same holiday management you know and love in Staff Squared but bigger and better than before! The new features we’ve added allow managers to:

  • Define working patterns and then assign them to staff rather than Staff Squared assuming everybody works Monday to Friday 9 – 5:30
  • Line up working patterns to come in to effect at a time in the future.  Got a member of staff who changes their working pattern from time to time? No problem, just set and forget
  • Save time calculating holiday allowance because Staff Squared does all the heavy lifting for you. Just assign a working pattern to a member of staff and the app will tell you what it thinks the holiday allowance should be. This also applies to new starters coming in part way through your holiday year. How cool is that?
  • Set whether time off should be measured in either hours or days. You can even define some working patterns in hours, and others in days

Setting up working patterns is easy peasy

Your staff will be able to:

  • Effortlessly request time off just as they did before. They can book time off via the beautiful calendar interface and Staff Squared will take care of all of the calculations
  • Book a couple of hours off to visit the doctors or dentist! Up until this new feature a minimum of a half day had to be booked off
  • See more clearly than ever how much holiday they have remaining

If you’re one of our many customers who have been waiting for this feature it won’t be much longer now before it’s live.  We’re just testing to make sure everything works beautifully and we’ll drop everybody an e-mail when it’s launched.

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